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Does your child have a fear of burglars/robbers?

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 12/4 Nahal Zevitan Beit Shemesh
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In my therapy practice in Jerusalem and in Beit Shemesh I have seen a fair number of children who have an intense fear of burglars / robbers.

This fear will often effect the child’s sleeping patterns and create a deep sense of insecurity for them.

I have seen parents use a variety of strategies, some work better, while some do not seem to work at all.

As an example: Telling a child who has a fear of robbers that they can relax because there are no robbers in their particular town will usually not be of much benefit. The reason being, the child uses their own imagination to create the imagery and sounds of the burglar, it makes no difference if it was claimed that there were no burglars in town, it exists in the child’s reality (imagination) and that is what matters.

Likewise, the idea of putting on a show, playing out a fight with the feared subject will also for the same reason not make much of a difference, at the end of the day it should be understood, it is the child and only the child who is able to determine how fierce and powerful their imagined feared subject may be.

I have always found it interesting to hear how the child will relay the way the robber looks, according to their perceptions.

There are a number of approaches used to treat children with fears, I personally tend to use a combination of approaches, depending on the individual case. Ultimately, the common ingredients for working effectively with children is to get involved in their reality, finding the key points that seem to be making an impact, while also utilizing a good sense of humor to keep the conversation light.
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