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Natural Solutions to Woman's Health Problems

Natural Solutions to Woman
Natural Solutions to Woman
CALL NOW  052 555 6418
 4/4 Herzl street, Raanana Raanana
 free 30 minute consultation *
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Are you women experiencing the following issues and seeking Noninvasive & Natural Solutions?

  • Do you have hormonal imbalances?
  • Diabetes?
  • Digestive problems?
  • Cholesterol problems?
  • Struggling to lose weight or gain weight?
  • Feeling generally tired, heavy, un-refreshed and irritable?


 If so, feel free to call for a free phone consultation

Denise Rubin - 052 555 6418


About Denise Rubin: 

Denise is a certified Practitioner in Natural Nutrition, herbal therapy and healing.

Her aim is to help you understand the source of your health issues or why you may not be feeling "quite right!." and guide you into taking control of your health and body mainly by devising a personally tailored nutritional plan whereby providing you with nutritious and delicious recipes, quick tips for those who "Don’t have time to cook", and introduce you to new foods and cooking methods.

If you Feel lost in the kitchen zone and live in the Raanana area, Denise can provide one to one cooking classes in your home.

Denise utilizes various diagnostic tools including iridology and visual diagnosis in order to locate the root of physical weaknesses

Nutritional plans are based on clinical as well as traditional Eastern medicinal practices.  She also combines herbs and supplements when necessary.

Very Affordable prices

Further discounts can be offered for those wishing to combine nutritional therapy with acupuncture and Tuina offered at the clinic.

Discover your innate healing potential


For more information contact

Denise Rubin- 052 555 6418



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