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Rav Movers moving company

Rav Movers moving company
Rav Movers moving company
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 הגולן 5/3 בית שמש
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Serving Beit Shemesh and the area with it's professional and responsible staff. We tackle all issues with ideal solutions and emphasis on making the relocation a successful experience, free of headaches and complications. 

Our all-in-one capabilities saves you the trouble of securing several independent contractors. incurring of extra costs and pressures. All this at most competitive prices and under total guarantee.


 -Transport vehicles of varying sizes

- Hydraulic - powered, secured trucks

Crane for lifting 

- A totally Jewish staff of quality, professional individuals 

- Experts as follows: carpenters, painters, storage. inters, a/c technicians, packers and movers, renovators                          

- Full insurance coverage and personal responsibility guarantee 

- Highest standards of ethics. 

- Consultation and a contract

Consultation at the client's place, free price estimate.
Rental of Vehicles and Drivers is available.

Make sure to say you found them on Janglo.

SERVICING: Beit Shemesh

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