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Aikido Aslan- A strengthening martial art for man only

Aikido Aslan- A strengthening martial art for man only
Aikido Aslan- A strengthening martial art for man only
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The AikidoAslan is in academyfor martial art since 2010.

It was establish byAslansensei - that was a student at Thenew York Aikikaiof the united states federation for aikido.

Aslansensei practicing Aikido more then 16 years and was trained under the direct supervision of Yoshomitsu Yamada- the direct student ofMorihei Ueshiba the founder of the aikido.

The AikidoAslan practice specialized bystrengthening one in

a non-violent way and the progress is without a pain.

One Build self control and self discipline& develop strength and character in afriendly atmosphere.

it is very useful for to help one to persist in training and keeps in a good shape.

In AikidoAslanNo Prior Experience necessary

Ages : 17-50

call us now for a free trial class : 050 212-6-999

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