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Podiatrist chiropodist podologue medical foot care Jerusalem

Podiatrist chiropodist podologue medical foot care Jerusalem
Podiatrist chiropodist podologue medical foot care Jerusalem
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 Bayit vagan Jerusalem
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Specialised foot care for:
Fungal nails, ingrowing toe nails, corns and calluses, plantar wart, diabetic foot care, orthotics sole.
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Home visits available.
To book an appointment: 052-769-16-12.
I am a "PODOLOGUE". I am graduated from theInstitute of Podiatry and Chiropody in Paris:ESMKP in 2000. I've been working for several years in the diabetic foot care in the kouppa "clalit Darom" in south jerusalem, i learned a lot with Dr Corcos, Tsvi Levy, Hillel Gluch, Judy Admon, and got an extensive experience of the diabetic foot care and general foot care. I also worked with the handicapped of Gilo for several years...AndI also worked as a private practice.
I especially offer a treatment for ingrown toenails, without the need for the surgical treatment: i remove the small section of nail that is growing into the skin, and then i file the nail in a rounded way several times, every 3 or 4 weeks, so that it slides along the skin, until it comes out of the corner of the skin and as a result, and the result is that there is no more ingrown toenail without surgery ! After that, i deal with the root cause of the nail so that it never comes back again, that is to say: to teach the patient how to cut his nails, to treat the orthopedic problem with an orthopedic sole, to orient the toes with a silicone...
I have an extensive experience in that treatment that doesn't cause pain because i use an anesthesic cream that dramatically reduces pain.
I mainly do home visits to Jerusalem and i will be very happy to help you in the field of chiropody.
Describe a typical work day for you?
I mainly do home visits to Jerusalem. Everyday, i organize every appointment, i prepare my instruments (sterilization...), I go to treat patients at their home. I also learn what's new in podiatry and i am always looking what can be the best modern treatment for my patients.
From where do you draw your enthusiasm and inspiration for the job?
i love helping people, I love doing good to patients, helping them get out of the problems associated with foot problems, allowing them to go back to work, study, in shops, once they get back on their feet.
How can a customer ensure that they receive the best possible service from you?
Let them call me and I will happily convey to them several names of patients or doctors satisfied with my work for many years. One of the proofs: I worked in the kouppa "Clalit Darom Jerusalem with great doctors of diabetes and podiatrists like Dr Corcos, Tsvi Levy, Hillel Gluch, Judy Admon, who saw the quality of my work and the satisfaction of many patients who have written letters of praise on my services. I am also recommended on all the koupot lists for diabetic care at home, which proves my level of qualification and my experience.
What has been your most memorable experience on the job?
I once received a patient who believed that he would never recover from his foot-ache, he had a very painful callus that came up all the time, even treating him with a scalpel. It was absolutely necessary either to operate the bony protrusion that created the callus, or to isolate the support with a good orthopedic soles. He decided to start with the sole. He could not walk, he limped, he no longer went to work, he did not do his daily jogging ... He had a lot of money problem, couple problem, because of this callus ! And the first time he received the soles I had made him, he walked, and no longer felt the pain of the callus, he began to jump on his feet! It was beautiful to see, and certainly one of my greatest podiatrist moments ... After a few days, he took over the work, the sport etc ... and so far so good!

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