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Jerusalem Massage for Women - Multidisciplinary Holistic

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You want your body to feel released, relaxed or rejuvenated. You've got tension everywhere, or in a particular spot. What you're looking for is a massage. Be it full-body, or specific areas, whether you're pregnant, or not, massage can be the welcome relief you want.

Hi, I'm Chaya Valier, and I've been servicing women with massages since 2006. My massage approach is multidisciplinary, centered on deep tissue while drawing on Swedish, Shiatsu, and Tuina moves. I am also a Jerusalem doula, integrating that knowledge for women during and after pregnancy. 

Here are some testimonials from women who have received my massage treatments:

"After having a full body professional massage from Chaya Valier, I realized that after 30 years of being in the bodywork business and meeting so many wonderful massage therapists as well as experiencing their work, this treatment was different. Chaya used really creative techniques and movements that were not only helpful to unwind my painful muscles, they felt great. She was thoughtful, considerate and gentle in her pressure, though firm enough to make impact on the tight muscles that grip our compressed bodies on a daily basis. I highly recommend Chaya Valier as a massage therapist for any massage practice."
-Dr. Tova Goldfine, Mother/Grandmother, Chiropractic
"Chaya’s massages are deeply relaxing. . .She has an aura of calm which transfers to you. She is professional and discreet. It’s a real treat to have a massage with her!"
-Raizel B., Mother, Cake Designer
"The only thing about my full body professional massage by Chaya Valier I didn’t like is that it eventually came to an end. I could have gone on forever. Chaya’s compassionate healing touch and sensitive professionalism really made the experience one I wanted to prolong indefinitely! I recommend her work for professional women like myself who live high-stress lifestyles and need grounding, centering and non-judgmental, wellness-centered massage therapy on a regular basis."
 -Lorelai K., Mother/Grandmother, Independent Media & Film Marketer
"I highly recommend the work of massage practitioner, Chaya Valier. She - thankfully - gave me a few massage treatments in recent years, and I was very impressed with her professionalism , dedication to her work, her concern for my personal comfort,  and her kindness – before, during and after treatment. Chaya gave me treatments at very significant times in my life, like the day before my wedding.  It was important for me to get the most personal care at such an auspicious time. I would also like to add that even a few days after the treatment, I continued to feel the positive energy that helped me, both physically and mentally. I recommend anyone who she wants a massage for any reason (medical , mental, stress- relief , pampering ) to go to Chaya for her devoted care, quality and utmost professional manner."
-Dahlia C., Mother and Speech Therapist, Jerusalem

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SERVICING: Jerusalem

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