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| Licensed Psychologist, FREE no-commitment consultation

Licensed Psychologist, FREE no-commitment consultation
Licensed Psychologist, FREE no-commitment consultation
CALL NOW  054-224-4301
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  Talpiot, Gush Etzion
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I help individuals and couples who feel overwhelmed and out of balance in their lives regain their sense of calm, clarity and confidence by giving them the support and guidance that they need to understand and overcome their struggles.

With gentle care, understanding and respect, I will help you explore and understand your troubles and give you the tools you need to help you feel more in control in the areas in which you are struggling so that you too can begin to live with more calm, joy and meaning.

I have seen firsthand how the process of therapy has transformed my client’s lives. I have witnessed my clients move from a place of sadness, confusion and fear to a place of strength, clarity and purpose.

And I will guide you on that path so you can also start to feel better, gain control over your situation and regain your sense of happiness and well being.

Before you commit your time, money and energy to therapy, it's important that you take the time to speak with your potential therapist to determine whether or not you would like to work together. I offer all potential clients a FREE 30 minute phone consultation to give you a chance to speak with me and gauge if I am the right therapist for you. At any time, I invite you to email me at or phone me directly at 054-224-4301. I look forward to speaking with you.

Here's what one past client had to say:

"WhileIhaveworkedwith other therapists in the past, Ihavenever found a better match for myself than I did in finding Liba. Liba was extremely open, understanding, relaxed, non-judgmental and lighthearted; she put me at ease immediately and was truly a pleasure toworkwith. I looked forward to every session and felt that we constantly made progress in ourworktogether until we came to a point at which I felt much more at ease in my life in general after gaining insight into the issues that were previously distressing me. Liba guided me towards understanding myself and my life in ways that truly enhanced my life. Anyone looking for a therapist who can help them immense love along their life journey should surely considerworkingwith Liba." Avital, Jerusalem

SERVICING: Shomron | Ashkelon | Ashdod | Netanya | International | Sharon | Beit Shemesh | Gush Etzion | Modiin | Golan | Galil | Beersheva | Haifa | Tel Aviv/ Mercaz | Jerusalem

Last updated: 19.6.2018
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Amazing woman!
Author: B W
Date: 2014-02-04 14:55:56
I am glad to know Liba and to have her wisdom and guidance in my life!

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