Experienced Night Nurse/Postpartum Doula


Experienced Night Nurse/Postpartum Doula
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Jerusalem/Efrat/Gush Etzion

Baby Night Nurse

Get a good night sleep! Night visits are 9 hours, 10pm - 7am.

Includes: caring for your baby throughout the night, bottle feeding (pumped breast milk/formula), diaper changes, holding and comforting your baby(s), helping your baby self-sooth, support with sleep training (in conjunction with a sleep trainer - not included). I work with both single babies, multiples, preemies, and babies with medical conditions.

From birth up to one year.

Call for availability and pricing.


Postpartum Doula Daytime Visits

I work with you one-on-one in your home during the weeks and months after your baby is born. Visits are tailored to your unique needs each day:

  • breastfeeding help/support
  • practical support so you can rest, heal and recover after birth
  • care after cesarean birth
  • twins or multiples
  • preemies
  • someone to hold and care for your baby while you use the toilet, take a shower, eat a meal, take a nap
  • meal preparation and coordination
  • dietary and food recommendations for postpartum healing, breastfeeding
  • massage therapy to address common discomforts after birth and while breastfeeding
  • understand development, newborn cues and learn newborn skills
  • strategies and techniques for coping with lack of sleep
  • strategies and techniques for coping with babies who cry a lot
  • light housekeeping and household coordination
  • working through issues as they come up
  • resources and referrals as needed

Support after birth is important for physical, emotional and mental health.

Birth to 16 weeks.

Each visit lasts 3 hours.

Individual and 6-week packages available.

Call for availability and for pricing.


Clients Satisfaction

Notice: Due to the potential damage of unfair and biased comments Janglo allows only positive reviews.
Peaceful Postpartum
1 month ago

I wish it didn’t take 3 kids to realise that I need to take better care of myself postpartum. Hands down the most pleasant of postpartum recoveries thanks to Talya- my mental health, my physical health, my baby were all well taken care of by Talya who walks in each day and understands how she can be helpful for that particular day. Making sure I ate food, the right food, and cooking that food (did you know you should only be eating warm foods for the first month after birth ? I didn’t ) Making sure I could get rest so she would take the baby, letting me get a juicy nap. Helping the baby take bottles of Breast milk and teaching both the baby and me how best to calm her and give her healthy sleep habits. Making sure my body felt good with massage therapy!! Can you imagine being massaged days after birth? days after your body just went through that trauma and is healing? It was amazing, made me want to cry. Really helped de-stress and calm me. Talya was incredible, reliable, knowledgeable, and utterly helpful. Can't recommend her highly enough. Calm, happy mom = calm, happy baby

Peaceful Postpartum
1 month ago

Talya was a godsend during a very turbulent and dynamic time. Talya came to us the day we came back from the hospital, and immediately began helping my daughter and I adjust to life as mother and newborn baby. In her calm, supportive manner, she didn't simply give advice, she modeled it - so I could easily learn how to be a better mom: from swaddling and calming my baby, to feeding and bathing. She also didn't shy away from chores such as folding laundry, cooking yummy foods, and when I sorely needed them - excellent, relaxing massages. Talya stayed with us through the first 4 months, gradually reducing her visits as we became more and more independent. As a single mom, Talya was instrumental in teaching me not just what to do, but how: how to remain calm in the face of so many hurdles, and build my own identity as a mom, choosing from the millions of options out there. She helped put my daughter and I on a positive path for growth - and I'm sure her early influence on our relationship will have a long-lasting impact on my daughter's development!

Peaceful Postpartum
1 month ago

Talya provides the support that a mother needs. I wish I had her after my first child was born in order to learn the skills she has taught me, including soothing techniques, learning to read baby's cues, breastfeeding, bathing and developmental changes. More than the how-to, Talya imparts her gentle ways that both my baby and I thrive off of. Four years later: I wish that I had Talya after my second child was born when I battled postpartum depression. Four years after that: I am blessed to have had Talya's support! With her wealth of knowledge and abundant patience, Talya made breastfeeding possible for me when I didn't think that it would be because of past experiences. Talya's holistic knowledge of nutrition and herbs has enriched my breastmilk and boosted my milk supply as well as improving my diet. Talya is also a skilled masseuse. While I enjoy massage in general I needed it postpartum, and without Talya, I probably would not have received the rejuvenating care that my body needed. Talya helped me become attuned to my physical postpartum needs and how to best take care of myself at this stage of life. In addition to the invaluable skills enumerated above, Talya also cooked delicious wholesome meals for me and took care of my home - taking off of my plate all of the necessary day-to-day tasks such as laundry and washing dishes plus extra tidying up that has contributed to a sense of calm in my home. Knowing that Talya was coming helped me get through the day because if I needed to take a nap or a shower I knew that my baby was in good hands and that all of the household needs would be taken care of as well! I thought that Talya would help me survive the first six weeks of postpartum life. Instead, she helped me thrive. I pray that I carry on her gentle and healing ways in my care of my baby and myself.