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Mister Electric
02-6232699 [email protected]
50 Jaffa

Mister Electric – Going the extra mile so you always smile! 
An electronics store on Jaffa Street, with a whole lot more. Here's our story: 

28 years ago my father established the business. He tought me to go with my heart servicing customers , bringing them joy and happiness. This is my life, it is all about that "extra mile " that break the convention of our competitors . 

Our focus is "The Family". We will always try to understand the family needs and fulfill them. Our team has the tools to locate an exact item from all over the world. 

We save you tons of time looking for specific size of fridge or oven. After so many years we almost know them all.

We can deliver and install, probably any item, at the very same day. Our delivery people can get to your flat any time you want , even after 11:00pm . So you do not miss work or family time. 

After sale service is above all, we will never send you to call the service company, on the contrary, they will call you .that is service .We will back up you always even after years from purchase.

Ilan B.H.

Mister Electric is located at 50 Jaffa street 5 meters from the railroad station and 15 meters from king George Jaffa Junction.

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Clients Satisfaction

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Linda Wulf
Very different story from other reviews
6 years ago

We bought a dishwasher from Mr Electric because I had read glowing reviews about their on-time delivery and I like to support small local businesses. We specifically asked if the price included taking away the old dishwasher and were told yes. (100 nis was to be given by us directly to the driver bringing the new dishwasher.) As we paid, they said they couldn't deliver the next day as we expected but would deliver on the third day. But on the third day when we called to ask for a time, they said actually they couldn't get hold of the machine in order to deliver that day. They would deliver on the fourth day. We said we were going away for a week and they said they would deliver on a Friday, a day after our return. I started phoning in the morning to get a time but soon realised they were closed on Fridays - and the machine wasn

mister electric
sharing a facebook comment
7 years ago

just want to thank @Mister electric Ilan Ben Harosh for the amazing price, help,and service. The salesman himself came to my house personally to unclog my pipes to make sure the washer was working perfect. I also got same day delivery, it was unreal. It was a pleasure doing business with Mister electric, and im coming back! don't worry theres a lot more I need/ want! ADENA SALTZMAN-SECRET JERUSALEM

Great Service, Products
8 years ago

It started when my dryer broke and I thoroughly did my homework going to several stores and checking reviews online. When I called Mr. Electric I knew I had found the place and decided to go in and purchase the dryer Ilan recommended after reading the online reviews. That day on my way there my friend texted me of the additional discount here on Janglo! The Hoover dryer was delivered and installed two days later at my convenience. My Sansa Mp3 player that I've had for years also broke and I was able to replace that as well. At first I purchased the new one and then found it was not compatable for my needs. David exchanged it for the old model with no problem and it's exactly what I need. I had to call the store a couple of times and no matter who answered they were polite and called me back if they were with customers. And to top it off I had wanted a printer and thought it would be too much to keep because of the cost of ink. Ilan told me that they have a Canon printer that also scans and copies and the ink is based on quantity used instead of an expiration date - perfect for my limited need and I ended up happily getting a printer too! Everything in the above description written by Ilan about Mr. Electric going the extra mile was my experience. And it's like a compact candy store for electronics from the smallest to the largest items. Happy shopping in this great location!

Juda Honickman
9 years ago

After shopping around for the right place to buy our appliances for our new home, my wife and I were suggested to come check out Mister Electric. From the moment we walked in and met Ilan, we knew we were going to be buying all of our appliances there. Not only were Ilan and David knowledgable and understanding of our needs (and space restrictions), they were patient, kind, helpful and genuinely cared. Since that first purchase almost 2 years ago, we have come back many times for other purchases as well as referred all our friends and family.<br /> <br /> About a month ago, my wife was doing the laundry and realized a loud noise coming from inside of our washing machine. Unsure what to do or what it was, I called Ilan who called the technician and sent him over to my house. The cost of the visit was 250 shekel but the repair (minus parts) was all inclusive. Upon arrival at my house, the technician looked at the machine for 2 minutes and told me there is something stuck inside the machine and he cant get it out and that we have to replace the whole inside of the machine from our pocket (1800 shekel). I immediately called Ilan on his cell phone (much after the stores working hours) and very patiently listened to my problem and stayed with me on the phone while walking me through the process of getting the piece out and thus fixing my machine. Word's cant describe how grateful my wife and I are for Ilan and Mister Electric. Not only did Ilan save us money by beating all the "best prices" we were quoted at other stores, he saved us an additional 1800 shekel but helping us through this fix. Thank You!

9 years ago

So we buy a new washer and dryer. Have it for about 10 months and my dryer begins to make a strange noise. I record the noise with my phone send it to Ilan by whatsapp and he responds with a recommendation. That didn't work so he suggested another fix while preparing to coordinate the service repairman for us because of course we cannot find our receipt. But his second suggestion did the trick - did not need a technician. Point is this is real service. Ilan is a retailer, he could have just as easily gave us a copy of the receipt by email and had us call and wait a week for service as most others would do. The refrigerator is the next appliance to be replaced guess where we will buy it?

Yosef Sherman
10 years ago

Three months ago we purchased a washing machine from Ilan Mr. Electric. He took his time with us, no pressure or quick sell. He listened to our needs and with his years of experience asked us questions to fit us for the right machine. That night he had it delivered and the next day had the technician from the company come over to unwrap and teach us how to use it. Highly recommended!