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Mister Electric

02-6232699 [email protected]
50 Jaffa

Mister Electric – Going the extra mile so you always smile! 
An electronics store on Jaffa Street, with a whole lot more. Here's our story: 

28 years ago my father established the business. He tought me to go with my heart servicing customers , bringing them joy and happiness. This is my life, it is all about that "extra mile " that break the convention of our competitors . 

Our focus is "The Family". We will always try to understand the family needs and fulfill them. Our team has the tools to locate an exact item from all over the world. 

We save you tons of time looking for specific size of fridge or oven. After so many years we almost know them all.

We can deliver and install, probably any item, at the very same day. Our delivery people can get to your flat any time you want , even after 11:00pm . So you do not miss work or family time. 

After sale service is above all, we will never send you to call the service company, on the contrary, they will call you .that is service .We will back up you always even after years from purchase.

Ilan B.H.

Mister Electric is located at 50 Jaffa street 5 meters from the railroad station and 15 meters from king George Jaffa Junction.

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