Matchmaking for mitzvah. Especially for serious converts.


Matchmaking for mitzvah. Especially for serious converts.

🏡נ ש מ ה

Matchmaking for the sake of mitzvah for serious single converts. 

Service location: Europe The service is free. And is intended only for real people. 

Registration: required.

Designed: For real people. No fake profile (this is not a website..), No anonymous. 

Absolute privacy. 

ףDesigned for religious or modern spiritual and empathetic singles who have undergone a conversion process, with a serious intention to build a family. 

Through us you will meet not only a single person who has undergone a conversion process but also those who are Jews from a house who are interested in getting to know serious conversions for the purpose of marriage. 

Support, listening, encouragement is our way. 

For an answer please write details about yourself, who you are and what you are looking for. Required up-to-date image. Please attach a WhatsApp number so we can contact you. 


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