Inhale Confidence at trYoga with Rivkah in the Mercaz!


Inhale Confidence at trYoga with Rivkah in the Mercaz!

What is trYoga?

Every yoga practice helps us build our confidence, find more serenity, discover new “aha” moments, and strengthen our self-love. At trYoga we connect the body, mind, and breath to bring these three elements together. We believe yoga is a part of our life that teaches us to look inward and understand who we are and our current influence in the world. trYoga classes explore concepts such as muscle and emotional memory, what our breathing can do for us, and how to master your own yoga practice. Whatever your reason for joining a yoga class, you will leave in a better place.

There are a variety of classes offered for all ages and fitness levels. Do you want to relax, learn more about yoga, or get a workout in before resting in the final relaxation? Do you want to restore movement and relaxation to your life after giving birth? Give your children the gift of confidence and physical awareness through a kids yoga class? Choose the class that’s right for you! 

Come to a class with an open mind and be ready to inhale confidence, peace, clarity, and love.