Saving Fati & Shira Tor's farm in Maon - Southern Hebron Hills


Saving Fati & Shira Tor's farm in Maon - Southern Hebron Hills

Saving Fati (Yehoshafat) and Shira Tor's farm in Maon - Southern Hebron Hills

Dear Friends,

We call on all lovers of the Land of Israel to stop for a moment and mobilize to save Fati's & Shira Tor's farm in Ma'on.

Please watch the short video. Read the unbelievable story of this amazing couple who gave their lives for over 25 years protecting thousands of dunams of the Land of Israel.

Some of you probably remember how we all rallied back in the day to be with Fati & Shira when the authorities destroyed their farm. With their 10 fingers Fati & Shira rebuilt everything.

Today the farm is in danger again and we will mobilize to save it. Please enter the link and donate. Every donation has an impact and helps.

After you've donated, please pass this message on to family and friends.

Link to short video with English subtitles:

Link to Donate on the English page: 

Come together and save Fati and Shira Tor’s farm in Chavat Maon.

About 25 years ago, Shira and Fati (Yehoshafat) Tor established Chavat Maon. They invested everything they had in Chavat Maon, all for the redemption of the land of Israel and expanding Jewish presence in the land. They lived on the farm they built up from scratch and personally ensured that thousands of dunams of land stayed in Jewish Israeli hands. They did this at a great personal sacrifice, with tremendous financial investment, and by living in minimalistic conditions for years.

Fati and Shira have gone through severe crises on the farm such as the murder of their friend Dov Drebin of blessed memory, being forcibly removed from the farm, and having their home destroyed and agricultural terrorism of enormous damages on a daily basis to their livestock and livelihood.

Fati and Shira own a flock of sheep on their farm which ensures that thousands of dunams in grazing and maintaining stay in Israeli hands. During the difficult years of building their farm, the Tor family was forced to take out many loans in order to maintain the farm and the herd. Several years ago, almost half of the herd was stolen, which put the entire farm into a huge financial spiral. Unfortunately, they have not yet recovered to this day!

The Tor family fell into a debt of about 1.5 million NIS, after years of investment and tremendous personal sacrifice for the salvation of the country. This situation is destabilizing the Tor family’s livelihood. Suppliers are not delivering goods, and their farm is facing a real danger of closure! We, the friends of Fati and Shira, cannot allow such an important mission to collapse because of an economic crisis! We want to save the Tor family and farm from the difficult situation they found themselves in. We will not allow our dear friends who give their lives for the Land of Israel and the people of Israel to remain in such a difficult situation. Partner with us in helping them recover from their difficulties by donating to this worthy and important cause.


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