Dr. Ela Greenberg Editorial Services


Dr. Ela Greenberg Editorial Services

My professional English language editing work includes:

  • Academic English editing in the humanities and social sciences.  I spent 20 years in academia, writing and publishing my dissertation and pursuing an academic career. I know what you need to do to get your academic work ready, whether its  for publishing or for submitting to your dissertation committee. 

  • Developmental editing of academic or non-fiction texts. Does your text lack focus? Are you not sure what to write in the methods section of your dissertation? If so, I can help. 

  • Professional English language editing and proofreading of just about any text. 

 As a native English speaker in Israel, I work with many ESL writers and recognize when language is translated and doesn't sound quite right in English. Since I do not represent a large, copy editing agency, but rather just myself, I can provide your writing with the personal attention that it needs. 

When editing, it's important to me to preserve your voice as much as possible. As an editor, my goal is also to make your writing smooth and easy to read. It goes far beyond correcting spelling mistakes and adding the Oxford comma (although those are important too). 

I look forward to working with you. Contact me at Dr. Ela Greenberg Editorial Services to discuss your work.