Waffle Bar Ramat Eshkol


Waffle Bar Ramat Eshkol
02-5815434 [email protected]
7 Paran st.

A Ha'rav Rubin Kashrut branch of the Waffle Bar branch


Clients Satisfaction

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Waffle Bar Ramat Eshkol
9 years ago

After almost five weeks of renovation the waffle bar branch at Ramat Eshkol is now open for business. The branch has expanded and now has an event room that can be reserved for large groups who want privacy.An expansion of the menu will be added in the next few weeks that includes fish, sushi and a fresh yogurt bar! Contact the branch at: Wafflebareshkol.co.il

Reizl Fink
this restaurant has closed
9 years ago

Waffle bar in Ramat Eshkol doesn't exist anymore