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The Leak Detectives

The Leak Detectives works in cooperation with Luzon, The Israeli Center For Leak And Water Damage Detection. We are the most advanced and highly certified Israeli company in the field of leak detection and repair. 


Some services we provide: 

✔️Non-destructive leak detection 
✔️Infrared thermal imaging inspections
✔️Comprehensive legal reports
✔️Neighbor mediation
✔️Mold remediation 
✔️Full home inspections BEFORE buying
✔️Pipe camera inspections 
✔️Sewer inspections 
✔️Tracer gas inspections 
✔️Balloon tests 
✔️Acoustic water leak detection 

✔️Provide repairs with ALL the necessary professionals:
      • Plumbers
      • Sealers 
      • Roofers 
      • Painters 
✔️All our work is performed by highly experienced licensed professionals and is warrantied and guaranteed!

Our company’s founder, Mr. Meir Luzon is a leading expert in water detection, damage and repair. With over 35 years of experience in the field, he has personally solved countless complicated problems in thousands of households and, commercial and private buildings. 

Amongst our clients are: 

  • Rami Levy
  • Osher Ad
  • Israeli Police
  • Ministry of Defense
  • Peretz Bonei HaNegev
  • Teva Pharmaceutical 
  • Bank of Israel and many others...

In addition, one of the services we provide is to supervise construction and repair sites to ensure proper work according to proper building science. We use advanced technology and equipment: thermal and pipe cameras, sewage and plumbing inspections, complete apartment and building survey, plug test and much more.
We are directly involved in all company operations to provide unique solutions to house owners and insurance companies with utter most devotion. We accompany our clients in all steps of the process. 

The Leak Detectives is the English speaking department of Luzon, so now you can have the highest quality expertise with the friendly English service you’re accustomed to!

We are based in Jerusalem and Maale Adumim and service all of Israel

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