The Leak Detectives Plumbing and Waterproofing Experts


The Leak Detectives Plumbing and Waterproofing Experts

The Leak Detectives works in cooperation with Luzon, The Israeli Center For Leak And Water Damage Detection. We are the most advanced and highly certified Israeli company in the field of leak detection and repair. 


Some services we provide: 

✔️Non-destructive leak detection 
✔️Infrared thermal imaging inspections
✔️Comprehensive legal reports
✔️Neighbor mediation
✔️Mold remediation 
✔️Full home inspections BEFORE buying
✔️Pipe camera inspections 
✔️Sewer inspections 
✔️Tracer gas inspections 
✔️Balloon tests 
✔️Acoustic water leak detection 

✔️Provide repairs with ALL the necessary professionals:
      • Plumbers
      • Sealers 
      • Roofers 
      • Painters 
✔️All our work is performed by highly experienced licensed professionals and is warrantied and guaranteed!

Our company’s founder, Mr. Meir Luzon is a leading expert in water detection, damage and repair. With over 35 years of experience in the field, he has personally solved countless complicated problems in thousands of households and, commercial and private buildings. 

Amongst our clients are: 

  • Rami Levy
  • Osher Ad
  • Israeli Police
  • Ministry of Defense
  • Peretz Bonei HaNegev
  • Teva Pharmaceutical 
  • Bank of Israel and many others...

In addition, one of the services we provide is to supervise construction and repair sites to ensure proper work according to proper building science. We use advanced technology and equipment: thermal and pipe cameras, sewage and plumbing inspections, complete apartment and building survey, plug test and much more.
We are directly involved in all company operations to provide unique solutions to house owners and insurance companies with utter most devotion. We accompany our clients in all steps of the process. 

The Leak Detectives is the English speaking department of Luzon, so now you can have the highest quality expertise with the friendly English service you’re accustomed to!

We are based in Jerusalem and Maale Adumim and service all of Israel


Clients Satisfaction

Dana Neuman
Best in the Business
1 month ago

Amazing. Professional. High quality. Detail oriented. These are only some of the words I can use to describe Moshe

Yannah P
Excellent and reliable service!!
2 months ago

Excellent and reliable service!!

Aharon Dovid Tuttle
Go-to guy
2 months ago

Experienced and reliable

Efraim Rooz
2 months ago

Professional and honest... highly recommended.

The best
2 months ago

The best in the biz

Sarah Rodin
Fantastic efficient and professional ser
2 months ago

My bathroom was black with mold and peeling paint. The leak detectives quoted me a great price, and within one day stripped and sealed the ceiling and walls and then repainted the bathroom so I could use the shower within 24 hours. Everything was done cleanly and professionally. I'm very grateful!!! The mold has not returned, after 2.5 years. Highly recommended!!

Pesach Rothberg
Leak Detectives ON THE CASE!!
2 months ago

These guys are the ones to trust for finding leaks and hidden sources of mold around your home or office the Leak Detectives offer friendly, professional and reliable service they will provide permanent solutions to rid your room of leaks and mold

Yaakov Felder
Yaakov F.
2 months ago

Very highly recommended!! You won't find anyone better!

Ayelet Rachel Polonsky
Amazing service
2 months ago

I highly recommend the leak detectives! I wouldn't recommend anyone more!

CD ...
2 months ago

The Leak Detectives are amazing at what they do! Highly recommended!

Brian Joseph Polonsky
Honest, reliable, and timely
2 months ago

The Leak Detectives are responsive and will share with you what the situation is. Meaning what are your options and what the pros and cons are with each decision. They are like having a legit mechanic. Local people who stake their reputation on their word and service. Call them They have shown up for me a number of times

Moshe Newman
You will be very pleased with his work.
2 months ago

New CHannels Managed Naturally

Great company. Great Work. Great People
2 months ago

Professional, capable. High integrity. I can't recommend Moshe enough. He has experience and skill, and really cares about doing things the best way possible.

Tzvi Deutsch
These guys know what they are doing
2 months ago

Professional. On-time. They have the right equipment and know-how to get the job done. Highly recommend.

Ayo Oppenheimer
Highly Recommended!
2 months ago

I cannot recommend Moshe and his company highly enough. He is professional, trustworthy and responsible. We brought Moshe in to help us with various anti-mold and paint house projects and also recommended him to family and friends. He met and exceeded our expectations. You won

Edith Williams Davis
The best in the biz
2 months ago

I 100% recommend calling the

Elissa Siegel
Great and Professional Work
2 months ago

I brought the leak detectives in to "detect" where the leak was coming from in my living room. I was constantly re-painting and fighting water damage every winter until they came, and were able to show that the damage was from my neighbor's balcony. Not only did I get a full report showing the problem, the company went above and beyond in speaking to my neighbor, explaining to them that this issue was their responsibility, and offering them assistance in fixing the problem.