Moishe Air Conditioner Rentals


Moishe Air Conditioner Rentals
0548425611 [email protected]
Yirmiyahu Street

Air Conditioners for Rent 

   Window and Portable Units

Includes Heavy-Duty Transformer for American Units

Quality, Quiet, and Powerful Units

Perfect for Bochurim Diras, students, temporary apartments, etc.

5000 BTU (0.5 HP)- 12,000(1.25 HP) Units available

Window ACs only 200-300 shekel per month

Portable ACs only 300-400 shekel per month

Delivery Available! Only 100 Shekel round trip in Yerushalayim

Call now: 054-842-5611

leave message if no answer

Please do not call on Shabbat or Yom Tov! 

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