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Real Time Simchas

realtime simchas

Making a Simcha in Israel? Bubby and Zeidy can't make it? Real Time Simchas let's you experience the simcha, from ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD! 

DON'T MISS THAT SIMCHA! Now you don't have to!

With Real Time Simchas, you can be at that simcha from anywhere in the world!

You can have many people from all over the world watching your simcha at the same time! 

We have options to video chat before the simcha, so the Chosson and Kallah can see Grandma before the Wedding. 

We also have both a male and female photographer, so everyones comfortable!

What our Customers are saying:

"Real Time Simchas, you have opened up a whole new world for us! Watching the bris of our new grandson in Israel, from the comfort of our Toronto home in our pyjamas, was such an incredible experience this morning (at 2:30 am....). You made us feel as if we were right there! We also so appreciated you giving us your cell number to call you if there were any video issues, and you even called US to make sure we were able to see it all! We are thrilled beyond belief with your brilliant service and we hope to use you, I"YH, a whole lot more in the future!"

 "We had the most incredible experience at 2:30 this morning in Toronto watching the bris of our grandson in Israel! Real Time Simchas are great to deal with. They were in touch with us by phone during the event to make sure we could connect. Our daughter in law at the bris said the cameraman was totally non-intrusive, despite getting great video from both the men's and women's sides. We look forward to Gd willing using them for future events that we may not be able to attend!"

"Thank you for your wonderful yet affordable service.  You made many of our family very happy feeling almost as if they attended the Simcha!"

-Sam Eisenberg 

$50 off a 5 hour event!

Call/email now for more details!

Yehuda and Rivka Neumann



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