Jerusalem Cuisine - Pesach Catering


Jerusalem Cuisine - Pesach Catering

Jerusalem Cuisine is now back with our Pesach 2015 fantastic new menu!!
Jerusalem Cuisine is a kosher catering company thatspecializes in scrumptious foods and delectable desserts. This year, let us do the cooking! We will prepare the kind of Pesach that you have always dreamt ofwith our unbeatable tasty recipes.
Jerusalem Cuisine offers meat and dairy items, cooked in separate kitchens.
Choose from a wide selection of appetizers, main courses, side dishes and soups.

All food is Glatt Kosher Mehadrin, under the strict supervision ofthe OU Mehadrin in Israel.

All food is Non-Gebrochs
Non Kitniyos
There is a Mashgiach on the premises
The entire menu is gluten free
No Preservatives

Deliveries are available to anywhere in Israel!
For more information visit our web site or
Or call: 02-651-9821 / 02-652-1039