Talented manager with over 15 years of diverse experience


Talented manager with over 15 years of diverse experience
Full Time, Work from home

To whom it may concern,

I am an operations specialist with over fifteen years of interdepartmental experience in businesses of all sizes and models.

My approach to business leadership combines faithful attention to data with an abiding concern for the humanity and well-being of all stakeholders. I have profitably led operation, production, and marketing teams, with particular success in interdepartmental collaboration. Guided by the belief that managers lead by example, I am very comfortable working “shoulder-to-shoulder” with team members, when necessary to achieve our objectives.

Personally, I am a genuinely curious autodidact with a passion for people. This past November I celebrated the 10th anniversary of my aliyah to Israel, where my love of our land and our heritage has continued to blossom and bear fruit. On a more philosophical note, I believe that we as a nation have an incredible amount of good to offer the world and I’m excited by the opportunity to be a part of that.

I have attached an updated CV for your review and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Gil Amminadav

[email protected]

(053) 934-0774

Gil Amminadav

I'm a talented manager with over 15 years of diverse experience in marketing, sales, and operations.

Top Skills: Business Operations and Strategy. Team Management and Coaching. Digital Marketing and Analysis. Web Development and Optimization.

Current Position

Process Manager

Pomeranz Booksellers, a Jerusalem-based small business.

  • Developed inventory processing workflow into full-fledged corporate operations role
  • Mentored interns in business operations

Previous Positions

Operations Consultant

JBPD Consulting, with focus on strategy execution.

  • Created lead-qualifying and order-tracking systems for manufacturing clients
  • Developed profit/loss statements analyzing profitability on product line, product, and order levels
  • Led process-discovery and optimization programs across departments in line with best practices in business process management

Operations Director

Brightech Inc, a major residential lighting retailer.

  • Created internal digital resources for managing corporate and product information.
  • Developed streamlined protocols for resource utilization and implemented effective workflows for various departments, including Marketing and Development.
  • Managed two teams of content creators and curators in developing over 10,000 pieces of content for consumer website.

Content Strategist

Jerusalem Travel Company, a boutique travel agency specializing in promoting American travel to Israel.

  • Created travel-related literary content for primary website and social media pages.
  • Directed additional freelance content development, including tour profiles.
  • Established affiliate relationships with key vendors.

Account Manager

4M Marketing, a marketing consulting agency with a comprehensive approach to digital marketing.

  • Created optimized finance-related literary content for client websites.
  • Wrote effective communications to consumers and partners.
  • Developed functional creative templates to facilitate clients’ own content development.

Managing Editor

Derusha Publishing LLC, an independent publishing house of Jewish-related titles.

  • Created core, title, and author content for main website and auxiliary websites.
  • Directed freelance editorial team.