Moving, Estate, Liquidation, and Garage Sales


Moving, Estate, Liquidation, and Garage Sales

Do any of these scenarios describe you:
      1.  moving and overwhelmed with all there is to do
      2.  have been designated to manage purging of items that were not yours
     3.  downsizing to a smaller residence
     4.  replacing your current things with something different and unsure of how to find a buyer for your old stuff
     5.  closing a business, have excess inventory,  or have slightly damaged but very usable merchandise that you can't sell from your store 
     6.  have new inventory arriving and do not have room for it because you still have unsold inventory on your sales floor
    7.  you have to end your aliyah dream and need to sell off your belongings

It is stressful enough dealing with any of the above scenarios.  We relieve you of that stress, so you can focus on other things that you need to focus on.
We do the work, so you do not have to.

You probably know my wife, Karen, as The Klutter Koach for home organizing and other related services.
Together, we are now offering Moving, Estate, Liquidation, and Garage Sales!
My wife Karen and I run these sales as a team.

What we do

  • Research and pricing of items for the 2ndHand market
  • Promotion and advertising of the sale
  • Interfacing with potential buyers
  • Answering all inquiries
  • Handling the collection of money from buyers
  • Following up with buyers to arrange pick-up of items purchased
  • Coordinating with the persons picking up the merchandise
  • Running an open house sale where the items are located
  • Arranging removal/donation of any unsold contents

We sell the things that you want to have sold from the convenience of your businesses, homes, and offices.

"If you ever need to do a moving sale, try calling Karen and Shmuel Furman. We recommend them wholeheartedly! My parents-in-law recently moved to a smaller apartment and we needed to get rid of lots of old apartment contents. But we didn’t know how to price things, didn’t have time to conduct the sale, and were NOT looking forward to suffering the bargaining process. Enter Karen and Shmuel. They dealt with everything from A to Z and most certainly got more money for my parents-in-law than we ever would have (and that’s after they took their cut). They obviously researched prices thoroughly, advertised extensively, and put in many hours to get the job done. They delivered on time and were super nice to work with – fun, friendly, and relaxed. We couldn’t have asked for more and are extremely grateful to them for their hard work and fantastic results. I don’t know why anyone would go through the pain of conducting their own sale if they could have Karen and Shmuel do things instead."

Shmuel Furman 052-792-2756

Don't have WhatsApp, No Problem!  Email:
[email protected]

Check out our website to see what we are currently selling for clients that is still available.

You can also find some of our Current Items for Sale on Janglo in the in the Buy & Sell Section of the Janglo website. 

The Klutter Koach: more than just clutter
Your "stuff" is our business. Whether it needs to be organized, downsized, unpacked, or sold, we're here to assist.

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