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This Wednesday Rally and preliminary Guided Tour to Atarot and Shimon Hatsaddik

Dear Friends,
This coming Wednesday, we will please G-d, rally together again, with more than 20 organizations, lovers of Jerusalem and the Land of Israel, at 5:00 pm on Agron Street, for the third vigil in our struggle against the opening of an American consulate for the Palestinians.

Simultaneously, a vigil will be held in New York, organized by AFSI, Americans for a Safe Israel.

We are holding the vigil, and in the background, the clear and unequivocal remarks by the Prime Minister, who declared that such a consulate shall not be established in Jerusalem as well as remarks by Foreign Minister Yair Lapid, who supported this position.

Indeed, it is very encouraging that they have made such declarations, and these remarks constitute a response to the first demand that we have been making at our protest rallies – for a resolute statement by Israel’s Prime Minister against the American move.

But there still has not been a response to our second demand to U.S. President Biden, “Keep your hands off of Jerusalem”. As long as this demand of ours has not been heard by the White House and as long as it has not been answered explicitly by the American President, we can expect continual, massive pressure from the US administration.

Even if the pressure applied on the Israeli government is behind the scenes and behind closed doors, we must remember that the Biden administration has made it a goal to restore the dangerous idea of two states to the diplomatic stage. We must remain alert and listen to every suspicious sound coming from the White House.
For this reason, we are in constant contact with members of Congress who have their fingers on the pulse all the time. Together with them and with you, we will block any such disastrous step.

We will hold the upcoming vigil with one important aim: to prove to the Prime Minister and cabinet ministers that the People of Israel are standing strong, resolute, and dedicated, behind the clear declaration against the opening of the consulate.

On the matter of Jerusalem, there is no political dispute, and the entire People, Right and Left alike, together will strengthen the Prime Minister’s hand.

Also, we must remain vigilant to assure that the Prime Minister’s declaration does not come in exchange, G-d forbid, for an Israeli agreement of concessions on some other matter of Israel’s sovereignty in Jerusalem.

Another point must be emphasized: Our opposition is not only to the opening of an American consulate in Jerusalem. Even opening such a consulate in one of the cities of the PA would be a preparatory step for an embassy for a future Palestinian state, Heaven forbid.

The PA receives services for their needs in the existing American mission. There is no need for a consulate, with its political and symbolic implications.

In the past, as well as now, the United States respects leaders and people who stand on their principles and preserve their own national interests.

This is how it was in the days of Ben Gurion, Eshkol, Begin, and Shamir. It will be this way now as well.

Another important message that we will convey on Wednesday is: Declarations are not enough. The real test is proven with deeds!

We will convey this message with a tour that we will hold on Wednesday before the vigil, in some of the places where we expect to see real deeds, to prove Israel’s sovereignty in a united Jerusalem.

We will visit the neighborhoods of Shimon Hatzadik & Atarot, two neighborhoods in desperate need of Jewish building that the government of Israel is obligated to uphold, from a strong and proud Zionist position.

We will be departing from the Inbal Hotel at 12:00 noon for this special tour, which we will be holding together with the Keep Jerusalem - Im Eshkachech movement under the leadership of Haim Silberstein.

Our tour guide will be Shalom Pollack. The number of places on the tour is limited. Fee 30 NIS. Participation by pre-registration only!! 050-5500834. The tour will end at 4:45 pm when we will join the start of the vigil on Agron Street.

Looking forward to seeing you, 
Yehudit Katsover & Nadia Matar
The Sovereignty Movement


You can see and hear all the speakers from last week, many of them in English by clicking here:

We urge you to forward the links to family and friends.

Part of the struggle is to wake people as to the fact that Jerusalem is in danger and thus it is important to hear the speakers and forward their speeches to your family and friends.


This coming Wednesday we are organizing a special tour with the guidance of “Keep Jerusalem-Im Eskachech” under the title “Discovering the Jerusalem you do not know”

The tour will start at 12:00 noon and will end at 5:00 pm at Agron street in order to join the 3rd vigil that will take place there. 
Limited seats. Fee 30 NIS. pre-registration by WhatsApp 050-5500834


We are thrilled to hear that simultaneously, our dear AFSI friends will be having a rally in NEW YORK, in unity with our messages against the opening of a US consulate for the Palestinian Authority in Jerusalem.

In fact, we would love for more groups to join around the world and stand together for a UNITED UNDIVIDED JERUSALEM. If you plan on organizing such a vigil at the same time, please contact us.



Israel is in a war that is difficult to identify as there is no shelling by tanks or bombing by planes


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Wishing you all a Shabbat Shalom & Chodesh Tov,

Yehudit Katsover and Nadia Matar

The Sovereignty Movement

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Every Wednesday: Rally on Agron Street Against the Reopening of the USA Consulate
Biden Does Not Like Our Vigils! 

It’s Working! Now We Need to Reinforce and Grow!

To strengthen the vigils, to increase its effectiveness - resources are needed. Expenses are great: advertisements, loudspeaker systems, buses, PR... it all costs!

Unlike the left who have many anti-Israel NGOs and countries funding them; we have you: lovers of Israel and Jerusalem.

For Jerusalem, we ask for your contribution. Each and every sum helps.

Here is the link to donate safe online US and Israeli tax-deductible donations (with the arrow make sure to choose the currency you want to donate in and receive a receipt) 

Thank you! For Jerusalem’s Sake, we will not be silent,

Yehudit Katsover and Nadia Matar

The Sovereignty Movement
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Dear Friends,

Thank you to the dozens of people who came this past Wednesday to the first vigil. 

There is only one Jerusalem- Summary Round 1

1) The rally against the reopening of the consulate in Jerusalem in which twenty organizations participated, received extensive media coverage in the Hebrew and English press, in Israel and abroad. We gathered it all together and you can access it by clicking here:

2) For those who missed the live broadcast of the rally, you can now hear each speaker separately by clicking here:

or by going directly to our YouTube channel

3) To view a gallery of photos of the vigil, click here

We hope to see you this coming Wednesday, November 3rd at 5:00 pm on Agron Street for round # 2. Attached is the flyer to call upon people to join next week. Please spread far and wide.

For Jerusalem’s sake, we will not be silent! 

In order to understand the danger of the opening of the consulate, we urge you to read Prof. Eugene Kontorovich’s must-read op-ed: "Blinken Seems Intent on Sparking a Crisis Over Jerusalem"

and Nadav Shragai’s must-read article: "The Battle for the US Consulate In Jerusalem"

To sum up: Jerusalem is in danger! Your presence is crucial at all the vigils! 

· Interview on Israel National News: 

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For Jerusalem's sake, we will not be silent!

Your participation is important!

Looking forward to seeing you,

Yehudit Katsover and Nadia Matar
The Sovereignty Movement 

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