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Renting or Buying a Home in Jerusalem?

050-5708883 [email protected]
Agron 24 Jerusalem

There are 2 types of realtor agents:

  1. Those who promote homes and apartments and push them on potential buyers.
  2. Those who ASK the potential buyer what they are looking for and are helpful in locating what they have in mind.

Nurit Vardi is the second. She is focused on the client. What are their needs, their budgets, timeline?

Nurit is supported by one of the most reputable agencies in Israel, NADLAN-PLUS

NADLAN-PLUS is the real estate company that was established 23 years ago by Mr. Shlomi Ben Ishai .  The company includes 18 real estate consultants in two branches which specialize in two main departments, the first being the marketing of prestigious assets in Jerusalem, and the second department is investments in Israel whether as yield properties investments or as land for developers or new development projects.
NADLAN-PLUS has expansive knowledge of prestigious properties, as well as personal connections from many years of experience, which allow our staff to suggest a wide selection of assets for sale in the area of Jerusalem.
Neigborhoods in Jersalem
Nirit Vardis specializes in home buying and renting in the following neighborhoods in Jerusalem:
Bakaa, German Colony , Greek Colony , Old Katamon , Rehaviya, Talbiye, Arnona, Ramat Beit Hakerm
Get Started
The idea of getting involved in the purchase of realestate can be very stressful. We have found that this is a result of not understanding the whole process from the beggining.
We can help make it more simple and less stressful.
Just give us a call.
Nurit Vardi - 050-5708883

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