JR Links New Sections: Chanukah Song Pages, Parsha Pages, Israel


JR Links New Sections: Chanukah Song Pages, Parsha Pages, Israel

JR Links New Sections: Chanukah Song Pages, Parsha Pages, Israel Furniture Shopping, Technology Aviation Channels

Hi Everyone!

I added new sections to the JR Links page.
Over 1,400 useful links at:

Chanukah Song Pages
- Al Hanisim
- Maoz Tzur
- Mi Yimalel
- Yemei HaChanukah
- Sevivon Sov Sov Sov
- Hanna Zelda - The Pancakes Tale

Parsha Pages
- The Noach Page
- The Lech Lecha Page
- Weekly Parsha Newsletters
- Torah Tidbits
- Philo-Torah by Phil Chernofsky
- HaMizrachi Parsha Weekly
- Ohr Somayach - Ohrnet
- Akhlah Torah
- Online Book: Sermons The Year 'Round by Rabbi Bernard L. Berzon
- Snunit Sifrei Kodesh - On-Line Hebrew Bible Text
- Sefaria: Tanakh
- Chabad: Torah Reading Recordings

Israel Shopping Furniture
- Ikea
- Doctor Gav
- Rahitim
- Mitbachim - Kitchens
- Ganim Veshoshanim - Garden Furniture
- Home Design Center
- Million Kisot
- Design City includes furniture stores
- Take It

YouTube Aviation Channels
- Mentour Pilot - Inside the airline industry
- Real ATC - Air Traffic Communications
- Air Traffic Visualised
- VASAviation
- 74 Gear
- You Can See ATC
- Plane Hub TV
- The Flight Record
- Happy Landings - Live airport camera in Las Vegas
- L.A. Flights - Live at Los Angeles International Airport

Many additional links on the page including:

Youtube Israel News Channel
- Orot TV Jewish Television - TOV

- YU Connects: CandiDate
- Project 929
- Begin Center

Jewish Resources
- Morasha Educational Curriculum
- NCSY Rosh Chodesh Infographic
- National Library of Israel: Historical Jewish Press
Collection of Jewish newspapers published
in various countries, languages, and time periods

Maps of Israel
- Israel Railways Map by Constantine Konovalov - November 2022
- Galil Bird Watching Map
- Ashdod Hebrew Map

- Jerusalem Yad2 Apartment Rentals
- Jerusalem Janglo Apartment Rentals
- Jerusalem Yad2 Used Furniture
- Jerusalem Janglo Stuff for Sale

Personnel Recommendations
- Books
- Movies
- My Aliyah Anniversary Video
- Why Aliyah?
- Jacob Richman's Training Resources
- JR Nostalgia...

Feedback is welcome,
Please share. Thank you!

Have a Good Day!
Jacob Richman
[email protected]


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