Female assistant native English speaker.


Female assistant native English speaker.
[email protected]

A personal assistant is needed to help with some projects.

Excellent for Olim Hadashim. 

1. Do you like working at night? In a peaceful atmosphere. 

2. If you are interested in working from home, are you serious and able to work without interruptions? 
Do you have a computer and a desk for work? Can you work through Zoom or WhatsApp? 

If your answer is yes! Maybe this job will interest you.

Job type: 
Typing from reading (This is not a translation job). Etc projects. 

work hours: 

What do you get? 

* Salary. by hours .

* Acquired knowledge and wisdom from working with material that has meaning and is fascinating.

 Suitable for:
 A female with patience, encouraging, funny, sense of humor,(without ego games please!), can focus and listen to understand the meaning of the words what is read to her and type in English, etc.

For an answer please write a few words about yourself, background, and attach a WhatsApp number. 

Any background (religious non-religious) Welcome as long as you have a respectful mentality. (Not cynical!).

An email without a WhatsApp number will not be answered!

= _ =
(To save time, I will clarify: it is not just a "typing job", I need to read to you, you need to understand, or even express your opinion, and only then type with the meaning of the content. Yes, this is a job that is suitable not only for those who have patience, But also for those who like to learn, share opinions, encourage, etc. So this is not a job for anyone looking for a temporary job just to make extra money. Except for those who are interested To be a part of it, etc. Therefore the payment is high. Thank you for understanding ).