Photograph Square Photos of Jerusalem with a Smartphone - CLASS


Photograph Square Photos of Jerusalem with a Smartphone - CLASS
Physical 31/03/2021 Starts 14:00 Ends 16:00 165 NIS
[email protected] 0503011648
Jerusalem Jerusalem

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Photographing Square Photos of Jerusalem with a Smartphone

Wednesday, March 31st
165 NIS (holiday special - save 80 NIS with Discount Code "TWP")

Instructor: Judah S. Harris
Class meets outdoors in central Jerusalem

Smartphones offer an available camera to beginners and advanced photographers alike. They can be used to create artistic pictures. During this two-hour class (an abridged version of a multi-day workshop) we'll photograph exclusively square-shaped photos, learning the importance of composition, shapes and form, light and shadow, and which moment is the right moment to click the shutter and take a picture.
What to bring? A smartphone with a quality camera. Consult with the instructor if you have questions.

The "Square Photos of Jerusalem" class is based on a current children's book project (and calendar for all ages) that photographer Judah S. Harris began last summer.

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Judah S. Harris Photo Workshops

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Private lessons available (students are loaned a DSLR camera for use during their lesson).

About the Instructor: Photo classes are led by photographer and filmmaker Judah S. Harris. A popular photo educator, Judah's narrative imagery has appeared in advertising in many countries, in magazines and publications, on the covers of more than 40 novels, and in museum and gallery exhibition. 

See Judah's journalistic-style photography:


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