Build Your Future With Jerusalem Therapy


Build Your Future With Jerusalem Therapy
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Every person is a world with infinite potential. Yonasan Bender LCSW’s warm and effective approach taps into that potential to help you have the life you deserve.

Drawing from years of experience, Yonasan Bender, LCSW, solves life's most serious problems. From Anxiety, depression, and anger, to parenting, marital conflict, personality disorders, and trauma.

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Yonasan’s a graduate of Hebrew University’s Paul Baerwald School of Social Work and Social Welfare. He completed post graduate training in a wide array of therapeutic approaches. These approaches range from CBT to Psychodynamic therapies. Before Hebrew University, he studied at Washington University in St. Louis and Drake University. Yonasan majored in philosophy and ethics.

Yonasan is a member of the Association For Contextual Behavioral Science. He’s a key member of the clinical team at The Place, the Jerusalem Centre for Emotional Wellbeing. Yonasan is a Dialectical Behavioral Therapist skills trainer at Machon Dvir. He’s also a group leader for the National Educational Alliance for Borderline Personality Disorder’ Family Connections program.