Experiencing Yerushalayim with Deputy Mayor Arieh King


Experiencing Yerushalayim with Deputy Mayor Arieh King
Physical 17/04/2022 17/04/2022 Starts 09:30 Ends 14:30 110 NIS

Jerusalem Educational Seminar with Deputy Mayor Arieh King

Sunday, April 17, First day of Hol Hamo’ed Pesach


via Bus with United Jerusalem Party (UJP)
The struggle for every inch of the holy city
New Projects, New challenges

9:30 am - approximately 2:30 pm
An Inspiring Yerushalayim City Tour
Beit Hanina
Har Tzofim
Har Zeitim
Shimon Hatzaddik

Spend 5 hours with the man that has been fighting for our holy city for decades. ** Hear about the new developments and inside stories** See for yourself the important significance of Atarot, the old airport in the northern section of Jerusalem. Get a better understanding of the workings of the municipality .** Meet and greet the brave Jewish pioneers who are fighting for a Jewish Jerusalem.** This is history in the making.

Registration and embarkation from the large plaza area in front of City Hall on Jaffa Street (easy access with the Light Rail) (Tiyul subject to modifications due to holiday traffic, security considerations and other factors.)

The tour is in English. An experience long to be remembered.
Only 110 NIS, payable 15 minutes before starting.
Exact amount of cash would be appreciated.
Bring your food and enjoy downtown either before or after your tiyul.
In the past the tours were sold out. Reserve today!
Contact Shimon: [email protected] with the names, emails and cellphones of those reserving.


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