MEN! IMPROVE posture, back & knee pain, range of motion EASILY


MEN! IMPROVE posture, back & knee pain, range of motion EASILY
0586774498 [email protected]
Kanfei Nesharim close to Har Nof Jerusalem

His mother didn't want him to end up in a wheelchair like her, so she paid for his Pilates class!!! I watched him, once a week workout, until he could stand straight, without computer-hunched shoulders, with beautiful form. Personally, I canceled my weekly back massages because Pilates took away my back pain. My knees also stopped hurting, I had power in my stride, I no longer dreaded long walks & climbing stairs! When I bowed in prayer, I suddenly felt myself going down lower than I ever had in my whole life. Now we want to reopen a men's Pilates group at Elongation on Kanfei Nesharim, just outside of Har Nof on Thursday nights between 6-7p &/or 7-8p. The problem is, we can have only 4 more participants. Pilates is PREVENTIVE physical therapy made very, very easy through machines. Go to youtube & see yourself. If you want a free trial class, contact me on whatsapp at 0586774498 or [email protected] Let's bring in the New Year with a new YOU!

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