Living a Life of Calm, Monday am 10.30 8 week course


Living a Life of Calm, Monday am 10.30 8 week course
0559382428 [email protected]
Beersheva Jerusalem


8 weeks

300 nis

Lifetime Impact

Starting this Monday 10.30 a.m. via zoom

3 Principles Coach

This is for you if:

You often feel overwhelmed

You do enjoy life in general but it feels like there is something missing that needs to fill in the gaps.

You find you don't often enjoy your life - or when you do, it's usually when you are on a digital device or on social media - NOT IN LIFE.

You don't seem to be able to remember why you chose the things you have chosen, or why you should continue valuing things that used to seem important but their importance has eroded through time.

You love your life, but you wish you could enjoy it more, and not live in worry about the things you need to accomplish or what may happen or is happening now.

This is a topic dear to my heart as I know how easy it is for overwhelm to take over and make life look heavy, difficult and even threatening at times. These classes aim to provide the key to understanding the full gamut, from everyday overwhelm - to the full on stuff!

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If you read CALM as BORING - this is not for you. It is my belief that it is from leading a life of calm, that true passion and excitement for life can springs forth. Other benefits include tapping into your natural creativity and resourcefulness, and starting to value the day to day moments that build up your life, WHATEVER they contain.

So the small print reads - click here if you want to be truly alive without stress, worry and overwhelm constantly getting in the way.

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