New 2020 Electric Vehicles for lease

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New 2020 Electric Vehicles for lease
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Ra'anana, Israel Ra'anana and surrounding area

What if everything you have heard or assumed about leasing a car is Israel is not true, or at best not the whole story?

Purchases and open-end Israeli style leases cannot provide the financial protection that's built into the closed-end lease. The American style closed-end lease is the premier plan that assures you'll never experience negative equity. 

We offer you just that: Lease a New 2020 Nissan Leaf or Renault Zoe - payments start at 1526 ₪ per month

Full bumper to bumper factory warranty for 3 years 

If you already know the benefits of leasing and want to inquire about this or other models, contact us here or call 02-671-8847 or better yet book a consulattion today.  Discover how a lease will save you money, the consultation is free - you will be glad you did.