Tanya Class in English for Men: 8 pm Thursdays Live & Online


Tanya Class in English for Men: 8 pm Thursdays Live & Online
Virtual (Zoom, FB, Youtube, etc), Physical 28/04/2022 30/06/2022 Starts 20:00 Ends 21:00

Tanya Class for Men

8:00 pm, every Thursday

At the Beit Chabad, Sderot Shai Agnon 6, Jerusalem & Online

Tanya class in English with Rabbi Levinger is now taking place on Thursdays at the Katamon-Rasco  Beit Chabad Center, 6 Shai Agnon Street,
Jerusalem. Hot Pizza and beer will be served.

and also online on Zoom. Please join us! 
This is the Zoom link for the coming 10 weeks.

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Meeting ID: 821 2315 2940
Passcode: 770770

Enrich Your Soul & Mind at a Weekly Tanya Class
with Rabbi Meir Levinger
Thursday 8:00 – 9:00 PM for Men
*Maariv at 7:45 

Attain insights into yourself and the world around you with these fundamental teachings of Kabbalah, exploring and solving the dilemmas of the human soul.

We will explore topics from the Tanya text such as:
Free Choice • Why do Bad Things Happen to Good People • Love & Fear of G‑d • Self-Sacrifice • Spiritual Schizophrenia - The Divine Soul & The Animal Soul • Reward & Punishment • Ego & Humility • Love • Thought vs Deed • Depression & Negativity • Joy • The Spiritual Psyche • Unity of G‑d • The Tzaddik • Tzimtzum • Garments of the Soul • The Spiritual Worlds

Tanya: A Tale of Two Souls - The Ubiquitous Identity Crisis

There are days when one indeed feels inspired by Judaism and spirituality, and there are days when they are a real bore. There are times when nothing seems more important than studying Torah or praying, and there are times when you are not at all
interested…. why? and how can you be always (*most of the time) inspired!

For more details please see the attached flyer.


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