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An Interview with Ilan Ben Harosh of Mister Electric

Ilan Ben Harosh is an appliance consultant and owner of Mister Electric, one of the best-kept secrets of the electronics retail industry in central Jerusalem. 

How did you get started?

I was born into this field; my dad, may he live and be well, owned a store called Ram Electronics in Jerusalem many years ago. I’m 49 now and started working at the bottom rung of the industry over 30 years ago.

What have you learned about the appliance industry in all those years?

I have become familiar with the manufacturers and factories and what’s behind the name brands that the distributors want us to buy. Sometimes products from obscure brands are superior to products from famous and reputable brands; it depends where it’s manufactured. I can tell when an appliance is truly high-quality or if its quality is in name only.

What’s special about the service you offer?

Customer service is notoriously bad in Israel, partly because of the disconnect between the various components of service and the resulting diffusion of responsibility. As someone who’s familiar with every part of the system, I can make sure my customers get what they need and deserve.

Tell us about your consulting business.

I spend most of my time doing consulting whereby I meet with clients and help them decipher their needs and preferences and create a package of appliances that will serve them faithfully for years to come. 

First and foremost, a client needs to know how much joy he wants to bring into his home. Appliances can really bring joy into your life because they can do so much for you. 

Some of the things we need to take into account are how many people will be using it, how heavily it will be used—even the height and physique of the users is taken into account as the appliances need to be functional. After figuring out what you really need, we find where that meets with what you really want. 

One of the things I love to do most is sit with kitchen blueprints and try to figure out which appliances will flow best with the whole plan, creating a kitchen that borders on Gan Eden for them.

A consulting session currently costs 500 shekel and saves a lot of time, needless running around and money. The client receives an organized file from me of everything we discussed, including a quote for purchasing appliances through me. If they decide to purchase through me in the end, the 500 shekel consulting fee is used as credit towards the package of appliances.

Can you attest to the reliability of the products you carry? 

I personally inspect every product we sell by both physically examining it and researching reviews from all over the world.

What happens if a customer is unhappy with a product?

In our store, we’ve been employing the same staff for over a decade, and we place an emphasis on establishing a long-term relationship with our customers. We do everything we can to help our customers, even years after the purchase.

Therefore if a client is unhappy with a purchase, they can trade it in. We don’t sell used products on our display floor, but our location in central Jerusalem makes it easy for us to find a home for a used appliance. However, it is extremely rare for a client to be unhappy. If the customer listens to our recommendations, it won’t happen.

How are your prices?

Whatever you can find on the Internet, on ZAP, or wherever—we can give you a more competitive price. However, I recommend choosing a product based on needs and lifestyle—not just price. 

How will the impending arrival of Amazon change the market?

Even if they tried really hard, Amazon wouldn’t easily be able put us out of business. They couldn’t compete with our ability to help a client decide upon a product, and supply and install it within the same day. That having been said, Amazon will definitely create a real challenge for Israeli businesses to compete with their prices and service. But my business is already up there. 

Can I let you in on a little secret? Amazon wants me to come work with them and it’s not an easy decision.

Mister Electric is a one-stop shop electronics store located on 50 Rechov Yaffo.

You can contact Ilan at 050-997-7788.

See his business directory listing here.


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