Fall sheitel

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Fall sheitel
5,600 NIS
0545487043 [email protected] https://avivasjewelattractions.com
1 Ro"eh Tzon Jerusalem

Hi ,

I have a gorgeous fall sheitel for sale for 5,600 Nis in good condition that I don't wear anymore. It's $1,744 unless I ship it will cost a bit more.  I am wanting to see it therefore so I can afford to buy a new fall sheitel. This includes fee for getting it washed before handing it over. I would need the money transferred to my account in advance before shipping it.

Then I will invest in a new fall sheitel but would want a wire transfer in my bank account in advance before I go and wash my sheitel to hand over.

Please email me at [email protected] or call my cell at 054-548-7043. Bank transfer to my bank account is acceptable or cash or check to my home address by mail.  I live in Ramot  area Thanks Aviva