Boogie Purim Celebration 17.3.2022


Boogie Purim Celebration 17.3.2022
Physical 17/03/2022 18/03/2022 Starts 21:00 Ends 05:00 70 NIS

Boogie night!!! Purim Parties are the perfect way to enjoy Purim night out (or in) with friends and family. We provide everything you need to create a perfect Purim party.

Thursday 17.3.2022 9pm till sunrise ICC Jerusalem (1sr Shazar Road).

Live Music: Cabaret with Orian Shukron/ Eran Feller & Naomi Dagon/ Yogev Haruvi Didj and Percutions

Live DJ set: DJ Tahel Fraiman / DJ Sharabeat / DJ Yotam El Al / DJ Avi Boogie

Open Stage with actress

Food and Beverages

Megillah Reading in the sunrise

70-90 ₪ Per person

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Contact Avi: 0528608084

We have missed you all, two years since last Purim Boogie celebration, just before covid enter to our life...

We are happy and excited to meet you at the Shoshan Purim event at the ICC Jerusalem

We will start at 21:00 and dance all night until sunrise in front of the Jerusalem Strings BridgeLive

DJ: Tahal Freiman, Dafna Sharabi, Avi Boogie

Open stage with Yitzhak Laor and friends from Nissan Nativ Studio

Purim Musical Cabaret with Orian Shukron and the piano everything that is written about this talented guy does not describe what you will meet. Orian is a gifted pianist, conductor of the Almograbia Orchestra, composer, lyricist and bachelor

for the finale Dj Fellerr and Yael Dagon - Feller project combines exactly what we love - a live show with acoustic and electronic instruments that takes the audience on a journey between different and diverse worlds. On the one hand there is Feller, an eclectic creator and DJ who has already become a walking legend with the creation of exotic musical combinations on the verge of the impossible. On the other side is Yael Dagon, a gifted musician and mandolin player who specializes in classical music and leads as a soloist in various ensembles with a stage presence that you can not be indifferent to.

All we need is love, All you need is to buy tickets and find a creative customes


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