Business Operations Manager


Business Operations Manager
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The Business Operations Manager plans, organizes, and leads strategic initiatives to support profitable, sustainable growth for our company. This leader works closely with Sales, International Businesses, Product Development, Finance, and Information Technology teams to ensure efficiency and productivity gains. Lead business operations for the Sales Team, Manage the Business-to-Business relationships and ensure the company exceeds sales targets.

What You’ll Do:

    Design, lead, and ensure the success of process change and information technology initiatives to meet rapidly changing business needs.
    Develop and monitor the use of appropriate performance metrics to measure and improve the effectiveness of the key elements of the Operations and Sales organizations.
    Support Sales Team in managing strategic initiatives to ensure key customers and distributors they have the product, information and service required to grow the business.
    Management of key projects / programs across the organization in support of the companies strategic initiatives.
    Coordinate and facilitate communications across all sales people.
    Align Operations processes, build efficiencies, establish best practices, ensure disciplined execution and manage organizational change to support sales growth initiatives.
    Collaborate with Sales and the S&OP Team to ensure product availability (Available-to-Promise and Reservations).
    Provide business leadership for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) initiatives.
    Build and maintain strong relationships with internal and external partners.
    Organize and manage the monthly sales and shipment plans to meet, or exceed Sales budgets.
    Tracking market trends, prices, supplier performance, and compliance where relevant; using such data to predict and prepare for future pricing fluctuations and/or the need for new suppliers.
    Communicating project status and accountability to various stakeholders on a regular basis via meetings and written communications.

Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted so kindly send your CV with references to: [email protected] or [email protected] 


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