Senior Developer/ Tech Advisor 551640


Senior Developer/ Tech Advisor 551640
Full Time
[email protected]

Our team:

Goal Oriented, Challenge Seeking, Curious, Caring, Candid

We are focused on building the groundwork for cross-border payment messaging for a growing fintech company. Our system generates and reads messages to and from correspondent banks overseas, providing the structure that enables foreign currency settlement on behalf of our Partners.

Is this you?

You’ve tinkered with multiple tools, design patterns, and tech stacks, and have a deep understanding of some of them including Object Oriented. Digging into pipeline configuration files or Framework code to figure out an issue before the devOps or Framework team gets to debugging it is the obvious thing you do. You’ve contributed significantly to large scale systems, and regularly contribute to common company assets or to open source. You’ve got a sense of urgency towards product/team goals, balanced with a deep value for code quality, and best practice implementation. You thrive working through challenges alongside a team of smart, talented and curious people. You want to make an impact on your team and on the org as a whole.

Day to Day Responsibilities:

  • Collaboratively create and implement architecture plans for significant parts of a cross-border payment messaging system. Feedback other team member’s architecture proposals and guide them in implementation
  • Lead by example in terms of coding best practices and technology choices
  • Code review PRs on sensitive sections of code
  • Technically mentor other team members, some of them experienced developers themselves
  • About 60% hands on coding. Develop code good enough you’d be proud to expose for other development teams to utilize, or build upon, in their systems

Our key tech

C#, Java, SQL, RabbitMQ, NSB, Angular, VanillaJS, StencilJS, Docker, K8S

Tech we’re exploring

noSql, AWS, Kafka, React, Lit

Please send CV to [email protected]


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