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Property Management Services in Jerusalem

Rental and property management
services inIsrael

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Israel Estates offers three different management plans:

long-term, short-term, and vacation home maintenance.

Whichever one you choose, it ensures that your home is well-maintained
and generates a reliable income.

Property Management

  • We sign contracts with tenants on your behalf

  • Be sure that only trustworthy and suitable tenants will be renting your apartment

  • We collect security deposits to avoid any future problems

  • Your rental income will be collected and deposited directly into your foreign or local bank account on a monthly basis.

Long term rentals

This service is primarily geared for those who own an investment in Israel and wish to maximize their return by signing a quality long-term tenant and ensuring that the property is well managed and maintained:

Finding quality tenants with good credit and reliable means of payment Drafting contracts that represent your best interests and representing you at lease signing

Collecting monthly rent payments and depositing them in your preferred bank account Handling all tenants’ complaints and efficiently  servicing all maintenance needsx

es and other bills

  • Your tenants will know they can call us 

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