Lawyer/Advocate needed for Deaf: Text Only, no talk/lip reading


Sep 15, 2022 | Jobs | Legal | North
Lawyer/Advocate needed for Deaf: Text Only, no talk/lip reading
Freelance / Contractor

I am Aviva in Akko. I do not use phones at all and although I can speak, not hear normally. I cannot ever rely on hearing, it also causes physical symptoms for me to be exposed to any talking that is forced. So for practical purposes, I am functionally deaf. My only source of income is disability pension for this severe hearing impairment and kitzbat ziknah. I cannot work because I cannot use phones or listen to talk or tolerate “normal” noise/sound. I cannot and will not accept any government services because they all involve talk/listening to talk and using telephones, which I cannot tolerate.

I need advocacy please for two issues:

Issue 1: The Bank
I have 2 bank accounts, a USA account & an Israeli account. On 22 August 2022, I transferred money from the USA account to the Israeli account which was received in Israel on 23 August. It was never deposited into my Israeli account. About 2 weeks later, I sent a fax to the Israeli bank telling them to deposit the funds in my account or send them back, that I cannot talk/listen or come in to read lips or any such thing. They must follow written instructions or send it back. The Israeli bank responded that they are sending it back. That was 2 weeks ago. The funds are not in the USA account or in the Israeli account and the Israeli bank still has not communicated with me in writing. I sent a follow up fax on the 12th of September 2022 to confirm the bank told me 2 weeks ago the money is being returned, but it has not been returned.

I need this resolved asap.

Issue 2: The Health Record. Contains mistakes in diagnosis & treatment. I wrote a letter which I faxed twice to Clalit, no response. I want the record corrected/updated without talking.

No lip reading. No sign. I type in English very quickly. I can read Hebrew & respond in English. I cannot type in Hebrew.


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