Sell natural perfumes from your home!


Jul 15, 2020 | Jobs | Beit Shemesh
Sell natural perfumes from your home!

Hi there!

I am looking for excited nature oriented (frum would be nice... ;-)) families to sell my products from their homes.

I make natural perfumes - currently 8 different smells, as well as two "deodorant complementor" oil blends meant for use with natural deodorants that lack smell (like aloe vera deo. of Forever...).

You receive the bottles from me for a low price of 40 - 60 NIS each bottle (depending on the bottle and the blend) and charge 20 NIS extra for the people you sell to (i.e.. you profit 20 NIS per bottle). Either way, if you look into other companies' natural perfume oil blends you will see that our prices have no competition. Our bottles are 30 ml!

The idea is that the regular perfumes women wear nowadays are full of chemicals and / or alcohol, in other words NOT healthy. There are other reasons that are more spiritual, which are explained in a pamphlet I carry which has the haskamah of HaRav Ratzabi shlit"a.

Looking forward to interested families that are enthusiastic and responsible.
All the best
Mrs. Millman


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