Artificial intelligence emboldening Jew-haters


Artificial intelligence emboldening Jew-haters


The AI threat “is by far the most significant,” says Simon Purdue, director of the MEMRI Domestic Terrorism Threat Monitor.

Antisemitic materials generated by artificial intelligence are “absolutely on the rise from all sides,” according to Simon Purdue, director of the Middle East Media Research Institute’s Domestic Terrorism Threat Monitor.

AI “has emboldened antisemites and provided them with new avenues through which they can rapidly and effectively produce and disseminate hateful, deceiving or violent content,” Purdue told JNS.

MEMRI published its findings in a 215-page report on June 20 titled “Neo-Nazis, White Supremacists and Anti-Government Extremists Look to Artificial Intelligence.”

Purdue is one of its authors.

“In our monitoring, we have seen that the biggest threat is coming from white supremacist and neo-Nazi accounts on platforms like X, Telegram and others,” he told JNS. “In terms of the quantity, the violence and the vitriol of the content being produced, this threat is by far the most significant.”

MEMRI expects “this trend will only get worse” as AI advances, according to Purdue.

“Our report details how these extremists are discussing the potential uses of AI—particularly uncensored AI models—to advance their activism further in the future,” he said.


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