Selling Torah Flame: an awesome online Beit Midrash platform!


Selling Torah Flame: an awesome online Beit Midrash platform!


Have you thought about having your own online Beit Midrash?

Torah Flame is a unique platform for online Shiurim, in which Rabbis and Instructors upload classes to be sold! The site has a sleek and modern style, is fully responsive and functions as an online Beit Midrash where people can buy courses.

The difference between this and other platforms is that with Torah Flame, everyone can have a chance to make a living. Rabbis and instructors only need first to be approved by an admin in order to start uploading shiurim and begin selling.

The website operates on a very simple model: it enables them to register freely, create their own courses and upload videos using Youtube Embed (using their accounts). Extra materials like books, images and other files can also be uploaded to the site freely.

All rabbis and instructors have full control over their course length, prices, material and announcements and are welcome to bring people to their pages.

Torah Flame also comes with many cool add-ons, including Zoom meetings, Tests, Udemy importer, Multi Instructor, Certificates builder, Group Courses and a lot more!

The current payment tier is set as follows for every 30-day cycle (but can be changed, just tell the teachers):

  • Tier 1: From US$ 0 – US$ 2,999.99 in sales : 75% commission for the Rabbi
  • Tier 2: From US$ 3,000.00 – US$ 7.999,99 in sales : 85% commission for the Rabbi
  • Tier 3: From US$ 8,000.00 and up in sales : 90% commission for the Rabbi

Included in this package is:

  • The entire website, fully optimized, with all copyrights, custom e-mail and domain, with licensed Rank Math SEO Crawl, Security Plugin, Payment Gateway (PayPal or another), and SSL certificate. Everything is working with no issues. The site has a blog and forum, which can be removed if you want.
  • Fast and optimized hosting on my VPC (in Cloudways) for 6 months FREE. Afterward it would be around 100 NIS per month or I help you migrate it to a hosting of your choice.
  • Full training so you can use and manage the platform yourself without any problems. I will teach you how to change the site design, configuration options, managing courses and payments.
  • The e-mail list with over 100 e-mails from interested rabbis and instructors (The list is clean and is only given to the new administrator, to be used for contact regarding Torah Flame).
  • 30-day guarantee that any issues that arise (should there be any) will be fixed directly by me, no charge.

Why am I selling it?

Torah Flame is a great idea, one which I was very much passionate about. However, I created it in a period in my life when I had time and money constraints.

I was working in a full-time job, had other projects going and a family to take care of. Together with this enterprise, it left little time for me with my family, study and Avodat Hashem in general. I now have my other business Super Kosher Sites which to take care of, is growing.

I also didn’t have so much money to invest in marketing and make the necessary connections, however, I did get over 100 Rabbis interested. Out of these, we have over 40 courses there and a few Rabbis started making sales already.

This idea has tremendous potential for Rabbis who need a platform of this sort. Someone with the wherewithal to push it forward will surely make it work and see wonderful results.

All you need to do is to promote it to both sides of the equation, Rabbis and people eager for Shiurim. Get them interested in promoting, and the business will grow.

Please send only serious offers to [email protected]

Many blessings,

Chaim Apsan