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How to Vote in Israeli Elections

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Voting in Israel can be confusing, we have put this guide together to explain the process as simply as possible.

Election day is September 17 and is a paid vacation day so there is plenty of time to vote and relax but we do suggest allowing plenty of time to vote as some polling stations can be very busy.

  1. Find out where your polling station is:

To vote, go to the polling station with your card between 07:00 and 22:00 – some polling stations do have different hours so double check your card.

If you have not received your card that information is available at You will need to enter your ID number, confirm that you are not a robot and then note down the address, ballot box number and hours of your polling station. Bringing your polling card is advised but not necessary.

People with disabilities are entitled to vote in any ballot box designated for disabled persons. The full list of these stations can be found here. You can read more about the accessible polling stations here.

  1. You will need to present a valid or form of Israel photo ID so make sure to bring either your Teudat Zehut, Driving license or Israeli passport. Other ID’s are not accepted.
  2. If you bring weapons or bags to the polling station you may have to leave them outside or not bring them in. It is also illegal to campaign within 20 meters from any polling station so if you are campaigning on election then hide your leaflets and T-shirt on your way in
  3. Upon arrival, there is an attendant to direct you to the correct room and voting box where you will present your ID and receive an envelope. Take the envelope you are given to the booth and select the note that corresponds to your party and place it in the envelope that you received.

Notes contain one, two or three Hebrew letters and it is important to know which letters correspond to your party. 

There are also blank notes available – this is for you to write in the election symbol of your chosen party if they have run out of them. If you can’t see the notes of who you want to vote for then alert the staff at your polling station and they might tell you to fill it in yourself if you have to do this then make sure it is clearly legible.

If you decide to write in a party or person that is not registered to run then your vote is marked as invalid and not tallied up so voting for Donald Trump or Jeremy Corbyn is not as funny as you would think.

  1. Double check that you have only put in one note, more than one note – even of the same party invalidates your vote. If your note has any faint pen or pencil marks on it then it is also invalid. In the past people have drawn on notes in their ballot box to invalidate notes of rival parties – check your note is clean and if you notice that anything has been written on any notes then alert the staff at the polling station.
  2. Seal the envelope and place it in the ballot box. Sometimes in polling stations, they tell you not to seal your envelope – you do not have to and should not listen to that instruction.
  3. Make sure to get a picture of you voting to send to your friends and for social media and then stay tuned to our facebook page for updates as results come in.

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