Join Us: Glass-Making Workshop with Ruti Gillis Sunday, Nov. 6th


Join Us: Glass-Making Workshop with Ruti Gillis Sunday, Nov. 6th
Physical 06/11/2022 25/06/2023 Starts 19:00 Ends 21:30 150 NIS
Oz veGaon שמורת עוז וגאו"ן Gush Etzion

Glass-making Workshop With Ruti Gillis

The workshops will be held on Sundays at 19:00 at Oz veGaon

It is for women and men – there is no need for prior skill or knowledge…

The workshop will only be held if there are enough participants

For details and registration – Ruti 054-6499644

Cost: NIS 150 per session

To renew our handiwork skills for any time or any holiday…

You are invited to create a glass dish or creation for the holidays and for the time to come.

In each workshop, we will work with transparent glass that will be fired in the oven and will be ready for use after a few days, before the holiday.

For Tishrei – a Blessing Vessel (September 4/Elul 8)

For Mar-Cheshvan – Happy Bowls (November 6/Heshvan 12)

For Kislev – A Tray for Candles (November 27/Kislev 3)

For Tevet – A Picture in Commemoration of the Destruction (January 1/Tevet 8)

For Shevat – A Fruit Bowl – in praise of the Land (January 22/1 Eve of Rosh Hodesh Shevat)

For Adar – Working with Bottles (February 19/Shevat 28)

For Nisan – A Seder Tray/Plate (March 19/Adar 26)

For Iyar – The Blue and White – a Dish or decorative object (April 23/Iyar 2)

For Sivan – a Vessel for Bread (May 7/Iyar 16)

In Tammuz – Glass Flowers (June 25/Tammuz 6)


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