MG Renovations


MG Renovations

MG (Moshe Gitt) Renovations, is a Jerusalem based renovations service focused on catering to high caliber clientele. We strive to do excellent work and more importantly to develop long term, healthy relationships with our clients. We currently focus on “smaller” renovations projects with a budget of (around) 3,000ils - 100,000ils. We are most excited for projects such as bathroom and kitchen renovations. We also specialize in tiling, drywall, framing, water damage/mold problems, plumbing issues as well as various other types of projects.

We are ( temporarily ) available for smaller jobs.

Contact Moshe: 053-965-1257

Here are just a few pictures highlighting some of our work:

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Contact us today for our catalog and more information. 053-965-1257 References available upon request*