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Dating Coaching- Rabbi Yehoshua Rubin

Mazal Tov! Another success story! Another client is getting married!
My name is yehoshua rubin. I am a relationship therapist and coach. I believe that by working on ourselves we can improve our relationships and date to marriage. 
Here is the testimonial I received from one of my dating coaching clients:
“Yehoshua I get a Mazal Tov!
I am getting married!
I was concerned that at age 42 it may never happen and here I am marrying a 44 year old divorcee with two kids and I could not be happier!
He works at the gas company. He is very family orientated, he cares about my needs and is very sensitive. 
What changed that for the past 20 years of dating I didn’t meet my soul mate and now I did?
I changed.
Yehoshua you helped me change. You helped me open up. 
You helped me become more comfortable with sharing my feelings and realizing why it was so hard for me to talk about myself. 
At times our sessions were challenging because I didn’t want to accept that it was me and not the men that needed to change. 
Today I am getting married. 
Thank you yehoshua for helping make the changes I needed to make in order to get married! 
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We will get to know each other and I will help you focus on the change you need to make so your dating and relationships will improve.

*Call me for a free phone consultation 0504259191
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