Why You Should Choose Film Subtitling


Why You Should Choose Film Subtitling
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What is Subtitling?

Subtitling is the process of adding text to any audio-visual media to express the message that is being spoken. Essentially, subtitles are a written abridgement of the spoken audio.They allow people to read and understand what is being said, even if they don’t understand the language of the speakers. And without subtitles it would not be possible to grasp the subtleties contained in verbal communications.

Video subtitling allows you to create videos that are globally accessible, meaning your content can be viewed and understood by everyone. Subtitling a film (both translated and source to source) and captioning (open or closed) should be a vital part of any video production project; not only are they vital for accessibility, but it is actually against the law to produce video for broadcast without the option of closed captioning.

Why Subtitling in film and video is a must?

•Not Everyone Can Hear Your Audio

•Many People Don’t or Can’t Turn on Audio

•Subtitles Improve Comprehension

•Subtitling Can Improve Language Skills

•Subtitling is Extremely Useful for Online Learning

•Viewers Are More Engaged

•Subtitles Increase Video Social Reach

•Captions improve SEO

Film translation and subtitling is one of the best ways to effectively market your videos online. As the search engines can’t accurately read video content, they rely mostly on the accompanying text (such as title and description). Text from subtitles, captions or interactive transcripts will increase your searchability to levels that are way above your competitors and if you add translations, you will have a worldwide appeal.