Shmuel Hakosem - The FUN PARTY MAGICIAN !!!


Shmuel Hakosem - The FUN PARTY MAGICIAN !!!






Visiting Israel? Making your simcha here in the holy land?

Call Shmuel and he will perform at your hotel, hall or restaurant!


. . . . .MAGIC, Balloon ANIMALS, STORYTELLING AND MORE  . . . . . 

 family entertainment for Birthday,Hanukkah,Purim,Bar & Bat MitzvahParties

SUMMER CAMPS, Kindergarten and the Tzaharon too!

All Shows in Hebrew, English & HEBLISH  


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Member of The Magic Circle of England,Society of American MagiciansInternational Brotherhood of Magicians, &  the Israel brotherhood of Magicians


Clients Satisfaction

Rivka Horowitz
Thank You!
2 years ago

Your Chanukah show is superb! Such a lovely and funny repoire with everyone young and old alike! Happy to recommend you to all! THANK YOU we may have you again on Purim!

Halarious AND Magical!
2 years ago

Shmuel Hakosem's show is Halarious AND Magical! OMG YOU ARE SO FUNNY! Thank you for the wonderful magic show! highly recommended to everyone! - 5 STARS AND MORE!

Rinat Shapira
3 years ago

After seeing your FANTASTIC Purim show at our shul you performed at our daughters 6-year birthday party for our family and her classmates and we LOVED it! incredibly funny and professional-THANK YOU DEARLY and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED TO ALL!-FIVE STARS!

Mollie Aarons
I agree with everybody here.
3 years ago

So many reviews already! They are all true! we loved the magic show at our daughters birthday/Hanukkah party. amazing, funny magical! recommended to all!

Micky Goldstein
Per your request . . .
3 years ago

Per your request . . . We are happy to say that you are a riot! Everyone, young and old enjoyed your very magical Chanukka magic show! So much fun and laughter! Thank you and we can recommend you to everyone!

Lee Atlas
3 years ago

Thank you for the best family Hanukkah party that we ever had! Are you booked for Purim? SAVE a space for us because we want you back!!! - Highest recommendation! Funniest Children's entertainer but both adults and children LOVED the show equally, we laughed AND were baffled by the magic!!!!

Norman Gold
Wonderful just as they say here!
3 years ago

Shmuel Hakosem is Wonderful just as they say here! We'll have you back to our Sukkah next year! Funny and magical!

Amy Winkler
3 years ago

Shmuel Hakosem performed wonderfully at the hotel we were at so we recommended him for the summer camp that kids attended and he was just as great! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! The families and the kids love him! WE will have him come for Hanukkah!

Ann Brown
Exceptional entertainment
4 years ago

Thank you for the exceptional magic show that you provided at our hotel for our Pessach family reunion in Israel. Your performance was delightful, funny, full of color AND MAGIC! Recommended to all!

Chaya B
Wonderful Show!
4 years ago

We had such a great time with Shmuel at our family get-together! Shmuel is entertaining and humorous and the kids were totally entranced by his show - they literally sat at the edge of their chairs anticipating his next trick! He is professional and clearly enjoys giving the kids a good time! We highly recommend him!

Ilana Levi
Totally Great!
4 years ago

When you turned our daughter into a bunny it was a classic "kodak moment" that we will frame, treasure and send to all of our family and friends! Thank you very very much for your wonderful magic show! Needless to say , we will have you back, recommend you to our friends and everyone reading this!

Jackie Stark
Bar mitzvah Celebration
4 years ago

Thank for your wonderful performance at our bar mitzvah celebration, making it a great success! Amazing time had by all! Highly recommended!

Leah Bregman
WOW, excellent, professional and funny
4 years ago

Excellent, professional and funny! A WONDERFUL magic show for children! Our boys loved it and are STILL laughing and amazed, Thank you!

Rena Scaller
company hanukka party
4 years ago

Thank you for the just tremendous holiday magic show for our Intel Family Hanukka party!BRAVO! amazing, funny

Barbara Sofer
Made the Hanukkah Sleepover Magical
4 years ago

With 13 small grandkids sleeping over, this magician entranced them all! He loves kids and wonderful with them. Fun!

helen nolen
4 years ago

We hired Shmuel Hakosem "SHMOOLONZO" after seeing him at a friends Bar Mitzvah. Excellent entertainment! Highly recommended. Clean fun. Great for all ages.Professional.

Margo Persky
Wonderful Magic Show
4 years ago

Wow, lots of people here already say what we can say! Your magic

Leah Adler
wonderful as usual!
4 years ago

We thoroughly enjoyed your magic show for our five

Simcha Taper
Thank you!
5 years ago

We're grateful that you saved us from a last minute cancellation, you saved us in the nick of time! Very gracious of you. What more can be said?! We were more than happy with your wonderful performance everyone laughed by the comedy and were enthralled by your professional magic and mentalism! Todah from the Taper, Goldstein and Applebaum families combined!

Mark Jacobs
Highly Recommended!
5 years ago

Per your request I am happy to add my recommendation here on Janglo. Shmuel Hakosem (SHMOOLONZO) Has performed for us both at shows for IDF soldiers and now Taglit over Hanukkah and his adult mentalism and comedy magic are superb. Born entertainer. HIGH LEVEL of talent.

Wendy Efsher
Wonderful Show!
5 years ago

My, what can I say that hasn't been written here already?! You did a marvelous job at our Chanukah party, everyone loved you! We can recommend you on every level and we'll have you again! More than FIVE stars for sure!!!

Sara Kessler
Thank You!
5 years ago

Thank you for the wonderful Hanukkah show. You were excellent! Entertaining and engaging, you a born tradesman when it comes to comedy and magic. We will have you back!

Tova Einsbacher
Childrens Magic Show
5 years ago

Thank you so much Shmuel Hakosem SHMOOLONZO! We loved every minute of your show! Your set up is so professional, all the magic and MUSIC was perfect! You're like the best comedian funny "uncle" and kindergarden teacher combined into one magicial magician! We officially recommend you to everyone that needs family entertainment! FIVE STARS AND A MILLION SMILES!!!!

sara linderman
Delightful Soldiers Dinner Party!
5 years ago

Thank you so very much for the delightful magicical entertainment at the dinner party that we hosted for the soldiers. You are very funny and an amazing magician AND very entertaining. VERY professional!! We recommend you AND will have you back again - five star!

Marla Silverman
Beautiful, col!orful
5 years ago

Thank you for your beautiful, colorful and very creative magic show! - We loved it and can recommend it to anyone! "High quality entertainment" would describe your show accurately!

Rivka Tessler
Wonderful Sukka/Birthday Party!
5 years ago

Shmoolonzo you are more than FIVE STARS! Thank you for the birthday party show in our sukka, we have another birthday coming up on Hannukah and we'll have you back! Highest recommendation to all!

Ilan Freidman
Sukkah Party success!
5 years ago

Thank you so much! Our Sukkah party was a grand success thanks to your excellent magic show! A GREAT time was had by all! Keep us on your calendar for next year!

5 years ago

Fantastic magic show! Worked splendidly with the children! He came highly recommended and we can happily pass that recommendation to everyone! 5 star Chaya Milken

Rivka Kalish
5 years ago

Thank you for the funny magic show! Recommended for summer canps and birthday parties! Highly recommended! FIVE stars!!!

Adina Gwertz
fabulously Entertaining Camp Show!
5 years ago

Many thanks go out to shmoolonzo for the fabulously entertaining summer camp show! Amazing how you kept the campers attention! They were ENTHRALD with you amazing performance! To anyone out there needing a very funny but yet amazing magician shmoolonzo is highly recommended!

Aliza Greenberg
So much FUN!
5 years ago

Shmoolonzo you are the BEST! We loved your show, THANK YOU! We are happy to recommend you! Aliza Greenberg

Jackie Lest
Over Due
5 years ago

After answering a recommendation request for a magician here on Janglo we realized that this review is over due. Shmoolonzo was the perfect answer to our birthday party entertainment needs. We recommend him highly! FIVE stars!

Brad Furst
Great entertainer!
5 years ago

This guy was GREAT! He is a very good magician (at least we couldn't figure out his tricks) AND he was funny! He brought a proffesional set up, looked proffesional and made the kids (adults as well) LAUGH! We highly recommended him!

Masha Gross
6 years ago

The way you kept fifteen 9 year old boys ENTHRALLED makes you an AMAZING magician! Thank you Shmoolonzo! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

professional and well done show
6 years ago

we are very happy with shmoolonzo show. very professional and well done. the children love him. five star

Andrea Burger
magic show
6 years ago

Thank you for the wonderful show! Twenty girls laughing and giggling the entire time is quite a feat of magic! Highly recommended!!! Burger family

Sara Levitt
7 years ago

Thank you for what was a very delightful magic show. We can HIGHLY recommend you. Our children are still talking about it AND mimicking you! Sara Levitt and family

Paul Kurtz
7 years ago

Thank you for two wonderful shows that made our Purim special and wonderful! Your children's show was had the children amazed and giggling and the evenings Mentalist act was very entertaining and very clever. High recommendation! - Paul Kurtz

Tammy kaplan
Sooo funny!
7 years ago

OMG we loved your magic show! I'm embarrassed to say that we laughed as much as the kids! We will see you again Purim! Thank you and highest recommendation!

Chana Schwartz
Our Sukkas Party
7 years ago

Shmoolonzo performed his magic show at our Sukka party which was enjoyed by everyone. Ages 6 to 83 recommended to all.

Marge Adelman
excellent show!
7 years ago

Thank you for an excellent funny AND mysterious magic show! Everyone loved it!

Linda Rosenfeld
7 years ago

Thank you Shmoolonzo! Yes, you came highly recommended and yes we concur with everything written in the reviews, your magic show was perfectly fun. Our children and their friends are still imitating you and giggling! FIVE STAR PERFORMANCE!

Charney Ben Haim
FIVE stars to you!
7 years ago

Everything has already been said here Shmoolonzo. You are definitely a champion at children's entertainment! Five stars awarded to you!!! Highly recommended!!!! Thank you Charney and Louis.

Ruth Glass
Kindergarden Show
8 years ago

We are very happy to honor your request and write this review. Your performance at our daughters gan was wonderful. The children laughed, were amazed and want you back. Highest recommendation. Thank you Ruth

David Tracht
8 years ago

Dear Shmoolonzo Shalom! Our Schul thoroughly enjoyed your family magic show. Children and parents alike. You came highly recommended and it is a pleasure to pass that on to anyone else that needs a magician for any venue. Thank you Shmoolonzo! Five stars! D.Tracht

Yedidia Markus
8 years ago

Shmoolonzo your Purim show was amazing EVERYONE loved you! THANK YOU! Anyone interested in knowing, Shmoolonzo had everyone amazed and LAUGHING. His show is a TOP LEVEL magic STAND-UP! HAPPY to recommend him!

Barry Ben Dov
8 years ago

FUNNY AND VERY ENTERTAINING! Thank you Shmoolonzo. - HIGHLY recommended, we will have you back! Barry and Linda Ben Dov

Yossef Rivkin
8 years ago

WE ARE VERY HAPPY WITH YOUR MAGIC SHOW! Your magic entertainment amazed us and your sense of humor had us rolling and roaring with laughter! Happiest birthday celebration ever! We recommend you for ANY simcha! Thanks Yossef and Barbera Rivkin

Miriam Glick
Magic Show
8 years ago

We can give you a glowing review. Everything has already been said by others here on this site. Very funny, very professional, we highly recommend you for a birthday party or other family occasion, bar and bat mitzvah, family get togethers, family picnic etc etc One observation is that grandfather and our over twenty year olds loved the show as much as the young children, who were bent over in laughter. The magic was amazing too. Definitely FIVE POINTS! Miriam Glick and family.

Shimi Perlmuter
Wonderful Chanuka Show
8 years ago

Thank you Shmoolonzo for your wonderful performance, you made our Chanuka into a memorable family experience. Anyone reading this, Shmoolonzo is a master at entertaining children. he keeps their attention and knows HOW to make them laugh. I can recommend you to any family simcha or synagogue occasion and we will plan on speaking with you about a show for the children at our synagogue this Purim. Shimi Perlmuter

Thank U 4 the BEST SHOW!
8 years ago

Shmoolonzo, thank you for the best show that we have ever had. Everyone enjoyed your funny magic act so much and are still talking about that BOX! ha! Highly recommended. You really know how to work with kids and make them laugh!

Rivka Brenner
Chanukka Show
9 years ago

Thank you for the wonderful Chanukka show! Everyone at our synagogue had a fantastic time! We can highly recommend you to others. You are professional and very funny! Rivka B

jamice jacobs
Great Show!
9 years ago

Best camp show we ever had!!! We're still laughing!!! HOW did you do that BOOMERANG TRICK???

Amazing Hanukkah party show!
10 years ago

Your show made our Hanukkah! Thank you! To all: Shmoolonzo is a hoot! The children and adults were in stitches! We're hiring him next year and highly recommend him!

Thank you!
10 years ago

We hired SHMOOLONZO for our family Bar Mitzvah party and he was superb! From our youngest to our oldest everyone enjoyed his wonderful show. He had everyone laughing and the magic was truly amazing!!!<br /> <br /> FIVE star Recommendation!<br /> Thank you.

Naomi Tiecher
10 years ago

Shmoolonzo, your performance at our camp was brilliant!!! The children as well as the staff LOVED YOU! Thank you and hope to have you back next summer! highest recommendation!

Tziporah Edry
Magic Show
10 years ago

We recommend Shmoolonzo and agree with the other statements here. Very good magic show for the children. Professional and very funny. Tender communication also. Thank you

Mandy Sobel
Great Show Shmoolonzo!
10 years ago

Thank you Shmoolonzo for the tremendous show! It was great! How did you do that trick with the balloon head? The kids love you

Naomi Cohen
Five star show! - Fantastic!
10 years ago

Shmoolonzo's show was the hit of the year at the Kindergarten this morning! He really knows how to make kids laugh! His performance is very professional

Gene Moss
Excellent Performance !
10 years ago

My wife happened to see Shmoolonzo perform for children at a neighborhood park last week and was impressed at how well he had them laughing and participating so we hired him for our daughters birthday party today which was everything that we'd hoped it would be! Thank you Shmoolonzo! We are happy to write this review. Excellent performance !

TOP NOTCH performance!
11 years ago

Fantastic performance Shmoolonzo! We are happy to write this review! You're a top notch magician and everyone had a great time at your show. We agree with everything that others have written here in their reviews and we also wish to add that you gave our family and guests allot of joy and laughter! Thank you so much! Highly recommended!

Matty Jacobson
Excellent performance!
11 years ago

Thank you Shmoolonzo for the excellent magic performance at our son's birthday party. The entire class is still talking about it and other parents are asking us for your number. To anyone inquiring. Shmoolonzo is an excellent magician and entertainer. Our family and our son's class mates were enthralled! He had them laughing, participating and AMAZED! Matty J.

Sarah Rosen
Wonderful Children's Entertainer!
11 years ago

Wonderful Children's Entertainer! Everyone is still laughing and talking about it!

Patricia Rosenberg
Birthday Party Show!
11 years ago

Shmoolonzo's magic show was GRAND! SIMPLY GRAND! The Children were laughing and amazed! Recommended!

Geoff Rosen
11 years ago

Shmoolonzo is an excellent magician. He makes the kids roar with laughter and delight.

Naaman Roth
Show for gan
11 years ago

A friend pointed out Shmoolonzo's here on your site. We read the reviews, wrote him and contacted a reference who had used him after seeing his performance at the AACI and subsequently hiring him for a home birthday party. He was great! Our children loved him the other children of the gan loved him. One of the best and funniest magicians that I have seen yet. He played to both the children and adults. Very enjoyable indeed! We are recommending you, highly to all AND to our local Beit K'nesset for Hannukah and Purim. Thank you Shmoolonzo! Naaman and Emily (Chava) Roth

Magic Show for Birthday Party
11 years ago

As for his request we are writing a review for SHMOOLONZO The Magician. Everything in his show was apropriete for the children. And professional.They much appreciete his show an his kind attention was felt from the beginning and until he the end. fun show and Good price. We will tell our friends and bring him again for sure. Thank Pam Sabag

Aviv Family
Motzei Shabbat birthday party magic show
11 years ago

Shmoolonzo performed tonight and gave us a magic show to be remembered! A good time was had by all. The least that we could do was give him a glowing review on Janglo! LOL! BUT SERIOUSLY, He performed well, everyone enjoyed the show. good interaction with our family and kids. Very funny too. We can recommend him for your next party. Mark

itamar ben izri
11 years ago

My name is itamar ben izri i am now soldier in israeli army. on the night we have birtday party in 54 moshava restarant. one man a frend of us wanst to an invite a magician his name shmoolonzo. shmoolonzo makes us lafing and magic! very much fon! every frind love him very much! advisable! very very!

Mindy Goldberg
Shmoolonzo's Magic Show
11 years ago

Friday morning Shmoolonzo came to our child's kindergarden and gave a hilarious and warm show. He asked us to write this review and we can hole heartedly say that he was fantastic, a very good magician and knew how to perform for children. He held them in wonderment and had them stitches!!! Very Very Good! Highly recommended! Mindy

Felicia Rosenkranz
Birthday Party SUCCESS!
11 years ago

We had Shmoolonzo perform at our five year old daughters birthday party and it was a big success! He had such a great rapport with the children and his show was very professional, we highly recommend him for any birthday party show.

Shmool Onzo
Thank you!
11 years ago

Thank you so much for the warm reviews! It's a great, warm and satisfying feeling to know that you and your families enjoyed my show and that I had the opportunity to bring you pleasure and happiness in an entertaining way! I look forward to many other happy occasions!!! With blessings!, Shmuel Shmoolonzo HaKosem