Seed Studio - Interior Design


Seed Studio - Interior Design
0544759350 [email protected]
84 Hevron Rd. Jerusalem

Seed is a Jerusalem-based interior design studio.
I’ve studied jewelry, fashion and interior design. for the past 10 years I have been passionately focused on interiors, enabling my clients to enjoy a professional, creative and successful experience.
Fluent in English, French, German - Hebrew and some Arabic (still in process!), I enjoy working with people from around the world living in Israel, take part in creating your Jerusalem home and assist mediating the experience.
The process begins with a face to face meeting, listening attentively, trying to gain an in-depth understanding of the clients’ agendas, needs and desires in order to achieve an optimal synergy between the nature of the project, the space and it’s potential.
Services range from planning full or partial renovations of existing properties as well as those still under construction or only in blueprint; infrastructure; quantity surveys; overseeing the renovation process in coordination with all other professionals involved; maximizing budgets and decision making; selecting suitable materials and colors; shopping and purchasing; custom design of carpentry pieces and on to the finest resolution choices of cherished heirlooms that will be included into the new design, textiles, art, and appliances.
The studio is located in Jerusalem’s Baka neighborhood.