Jerusalem Real Estate


Jerusalem Real Estate

Jerusalem Real Estate helps clients find the ideal home to rent or buy. It is run by Michael Steinmetz, an expert real estate broker and advisor. Michael specializes in understanding each client’s specific needs, in order to find the most relevant properties for his clients. His attention to detail, professionalism and desire to help his clients make Michael an excellent real estate broker and a great choice for anyone searching for a new home in Jerusalem. Michael also has a Master’s Degree in Real Estate and a lot of experience working with investors and entrepreneurs interested in real estate projects. 

As a real estate broker this is my vision:

To provide local and international clients with the highest standard of personal, professional and reliable service to which they are entitled. My customers are my most important assets, and I continually strive to make the real estate transaction a pleasant and successful experience that results in 100% satisfaction for my clients. 

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Michael Steinmetz 

Real Estate Broker in Jerusalem