Great Job Opportunity as Editor for English News App!!


Great Job Opportunity as Editor for English News App!!
Freelance / Contractor


Needed Editors for a well-established news app in English that sends news to over 100,000 users mostly in the USA.

The work:

Political orientation is right-wing and pro-Israel

Finding from accepted sources articles to add to the Apps feed, around 3-4 articles each hour and adding them using the computer system we have built (and is super-easy)

Flexible shifts of 8 hours which usually each editor does 2-4 shifts a week (more can be done if you want - the important word here is flexible)

Editors should have:

- Fluent in both Hebrew and English. Hebrew for being able to read and do translating in English.

- Have a good knowledge of computers

- Have some experience in graphics

- Have a legal Tax account, either as an "Osek Mursheh" or "Osek Patur"

Pluses of this job

- Good payment

- Good staff

- Work at home

- Quite a lot of freedom during work, but with personal responsibility

If you are interested - so are we!

Send your CV to: [email protected]


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